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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Hey y'all. Im sorry I haven't posted in a very long time. Im trying to get in the back of swing of things. I feel like life has been crazy and I had to send my MacBook in for repair. I will be trying to post more and have routine down. I do have so post planned but I feel like not enough time to do write and edit and then post them. But I wanted to get on here and post tip guide for a little skin secrets I have learned over the years. These are all really simple and anyone could start now.

NUMBER 1: I always do is wash my face in cold water unless I'm in the shower. Yes it does take a little bit of getting use to but I feel like it really helps. I do have roseca and it evens out my skin a lot more and then hot or warm water. It helps clean and open your pores. I know hot water dry out your skin and I think helps a little bit more with keeping moisture in and tighten your skin. On the internet it said you should wash your face in luke warm water but I have tried to do that for a little bit but it definitely doesn't work as well as cold water. I haven't noticed any more acne since making the switch.

NUMBER 2: Cutting out dairy products. This was a big step for me because I love just eating those baby bell cheese it was my favorite snack but I realized that it was breaking me out so bad. I heard for years that dairy was really bad but I never believed it because I didn't want to get it up. I mostly given up dairy. I do eat it sometimes but I try to limit my intake. I feel like this can beneficial for many people you just have to do it.

NUMBER 3: I honestly 100% believe that you should always listen to your body. Believe it or not it always talks to you. Wether that be in your face, hair, body, skin, and etc. I always try to watch my skin and body when using products and eating new this also. A year or two ago I learned that coffee make break out all the time and cut it out and my acne got so much better. I noticed when I started eating my cheese again that got a lot worse. I realized when I was using certain products my skin was so much more dry. Make sure you are paying attention to it. I promise it will tell you everything you need to know.

NUMBER 4: I know to this hard for me because I love wearing makeup but its not the best for my skin. Even though I use mostly clean beauty products my skin always is worst after wearing make for 12 plus hours. I also believe if you need or want to wear makeup I think you should invest in some clean makeup. Some clean makeup products can be spendy they also have some at the drug stores. You just have to be open to trying and searching for things. Buying clean products isn't as easy as buying dirty ones. It takes more time and you always have to research everything. I would highly suggest downloading the Think Dirty and EWG apps on iPhone or Android and they are free apps. I feel like help you ween through the crap that they put in makeup cosmetics. Also a very good thing I always use reference for is Just ingredients guides. They are so amazing and really affordable. I purchased the beauty one but she has many different guides. I always look at this when I wanna switch up products or when I run out of something.

NUMBER 5: Less is more with skin care. I personally had no idea what I was doing or what I was using a few years ago. I used multiple scrubs to exfoliating because that's I what I thought I needed. I cannot even tell how many face washes and different products were in my routine. I cut out a lot of the steps which is better for me and I feel like skin is way better now. My skin is not a nearly as dry as it was before. I feel like skincare and makeup is alway a learning process you just have to go through trial and error.

And here's a tip for free take everyones skin advice with a grain of salt (even mine) because everyone's skin/ body is all different and we all certain skincare or products in our life. These are the 5 tips that really my skin and I actually noticed a difference.  Remember just because they work for me doesn't mean they will work for you and vice versa. 
Hope you enjoyed this talk to you later!

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