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Friday, July 12, 2019


Hey guys I just wanted to post some of my favorite picks from the anniversary sale! Personally never go crazy at the sale. Last year I only bought a few things and I ended up loving them. I think they have a lot of junk and a few gems! If you want a more in depth post for sale I would look at Livingmybeststyle's blog her will be a lot better than mine. I just dont feel like is not worth it especially I feel like the sale isn't as good as last year and not going push want I dont want to buy.

H U N T E R B O O T S- I bought these last year and absolutely love them! Never been one to spend on shoes like ever. I personally feel like Walmart shoes are kinda up there in price but I've always been like that. I would rather spend my money on a new bag or a nice shirt or even home decor. I absolute love these boots like I think I might buy a pair for my grandma they are that good. I know hunter boots are a pretty penny but man are they worth it. I feel like you can never find black hunters on sale! I also got the short ones and I think they are perfect and I'm almost 5'5. Also if have a wider calf as suggest the shorts.


Z E L L A L E G G I N G S- I've bought cheap leggings either from Walmart or target. Until I bought these and I never knew the differences. I will never buy cheap leggings unless they are for pajamas. These changed my whole outlook on spending a little extra for a staple item. I think these are one of the best purchases I have ever made (I think I will do round up soon for a blogpost). They are amazing quality and super thick. I hardly ever wear jeans so they are staples all year round and I can't tell you how many times I wore them and they still look really good. Just to note that there is a little bit of pile on the leggings but not everywhere but I also think because I wash and dry them like any regular pants and I'm pretty sure your not suppose to that.


S P A N X L E G G I N G S- These are also a staple for me in the fall and winter. I rearely ever wear jeans because I feel like they aren't as comfortable as leggings. I feel like these are kinda like a hybrid. They aren't a comfortable as my Zella leggings but not like wearing a pair of jeans. I think these are amazing but I feel like you gotta use to the sheen of them first and then they will be really nice. They do kinda run small but I got my normal size because I wanted them to suck me in rather than be more comfortable. Also I suggest if you are short or have short leggings then pay a little more and get the petites ones because I feel like they look a lot better without the extra fabric.



B A R E F O O T D R E A M S B L A N K E T- I don't know why but these cheetah print blanket kills me when I see it because I think it is so cute! I have heard so many amazing things about this blanket and this brand. What stops me in the print. Even on sale its $120 like what why? I have very high expectation for that price tag and I don't know if it will live up to that. I also felt one in Nordstrom like a month or two and they did not feel like the soft thing ever but I'm not sure if you have to wash it a bunch to get it soft. If I purchase it I will definitely let you know.


U G G S L I P P E R S- 

I think these would be a great purchase. I think the price is not that bad and they would super comfy in the winter. My feet are always freezing and I love slippers when I've been at work all day and my feet are hurting and need a little support. I think these would be perfect to take on vacation and lounge around in the hotel or wherever you are staying at. Also I love that they don't have the thick chunky swole at the bottom which I've always hated.


L E A T H E R J A C K E T-
Ok last thing I'm going to mention that im looking for a leather jacket. I had bought a blnkncy one at Nordstrom rack but its not perfect. A little tight on the shoulder and arms and the arms are too long also. I don't want to spend a ton of money on something I don't even know that I will wear all the time. I do wanna try this one out. I like the price and I think it looks like a nice one if I do ending up loving it.


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