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Saturday, July 6, 2019


Sorry guys but I forgot about this post I had started. So as you know I went to Rome. It was definitely a lot different than expected but it was still cool to see. I am not someone who loves museums which basically what Rome is all about. My first impression is its dirty. My mom tries to be nice and downplay it but it really was. One of my favorite things was see how long ago all the thing were built, Honestly it really does amaze me that they could do that even back then. One thing I wish we did is travel around Italy. We stayed 9 days in Rome which we could of went all the major cities when is a lesson for next time. The 9 hours time difference was a killer though. I would fall asleep at 8 and wake up at 3 am and watch a tv show on my laptop waiting for everyone to wake up. We took so many pictures and I really tried to limit them because it could take hours to see all of them. We went in the beginning of April which the weather wasn't even bad but everyone seemed to be wearing parka's while we were wearing our summer attire. It only rain once which is kinda different living in WA but man we looked like wet dogs after that! I hope you enjoyed and I highly recommend going to Italy. PS I kinda wished I watch the Lizzie McGuire moving before I went to see what all they did and visit the same places

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