Love List

Thursday, July 18, 2019


Hey guys! I'm trying more to get back to the routine of blogging and updating my Instagram more. I know it is July but man I feel like here in Washington we've had nothing but gloomy summer days all summer long. I thought it would help to post some outfit inspiration. I think one tip is wear lights colors. I love white it's my favorite color. So I like to wear white and blush together I think it looks really nice and summery. When its gloomy I'm usually wearing leggings just because that's more comfortable. I honestly wanted colder weather since spring for some reason so I wear my leggings and sweatshirts a lot more than usual. But if you weren't into leggings you switch it for a light wash pair of jeans! I dont think ill be able to find everything so I will have similar looks for you down below. Hope you guys enjoyed this short post and I'll see you soon!

Monday, July 15, 2019


Hey guys! I back here with a fashion haul from amazon. Honestly I love amazon prime! I am going to see Cody Johnson on in a week and I didn't have any cute that I wanted to wear so I decided to purchase something. I didn't know if would end up liking everything so I decided to purchase from amazon because I have prime so it would nbe here in two days! Also I liked the fact that it was free returns so I didn't need to like everything. It kinda seem like a no brainer since I wanna affordable items.

First thing is this one cropped tie top. I absolutely love this and I will definitely be wearing this to the concert. The reviews said that it does run big which I do agree with them. However I got my normal size and so glad I did. I didn't realize it was going to be so cropped so im happy with being a little big because it gives me more length. It does have a ruffle at the end which is see-through but it doesn't bother me because I will always wear something high waisted with it. I think this great addition for all year round because I can add an jacket and boots and transition to fall and winter. Under $17 for this cute top!

These shorts honestly not my favorite which I will probably send them back because I dont think I need them. Im not really a shorts kinda girl unless im home and in my pj's. I feel like they aren't the most flattering and feel stiff and they have a horrible zipper. The fraying at the end isn't my favorite and the color isn't as nice as it looks. I sound like a Debby downer but they just aren't my cup of tea but I've had absolutely awful. I think $20 is too much to spend on an ok item! I personally don't think they are worth the money.

This Johnny Cash shirt is my favorite! I really like it and it has a loose fit which is something I love! Also love that its a pretty mustard color. I'm going to love this for lazy days at home or just throwing this on for a casual day running errands.

This dress is so cute on the amazon picture but I find this really unflattering on my body type. I planned on wearing this before it even arrived but it was a no go when I tried it on. I feel like in person it looks like a old lazy dress the way the fit is for some reason. This was is going back and I am really bummed this one didn't work out. They did have a long version which I love maxi dresses but I knew I didn't want one for the concert.

Ok last item I purchased was this dress. Can you tell I love this color? I really was excited about this but it came and it was little different than expected. I still think it looks cute but definelty looks better online. I felt like the fabric was little cheap and not soft. The fit wasn't that bad but also thought it was short on me and I'm almost 5'5 so not for you tall girls. Nevertheless I think its a nice dress if you want something quick and summer dress.

Everything is linked down below! Hope you guys enjoyed this post, see you soon!

Friday, July 12, 2019


Hey guys I just wanted to post some of my favorite picks from the anniversary sale! Personally never go crazy at the sale. Last year I only bought a few things and I ended up loving them. I think they have a lot of junk and a few gems! If you want a more in depth post for sale I would look at Livingmybeststyle's blog her will be a lot better than mine. I just dont feel like is not worth it especially I feel like the sale isn't as good as last year and not going push want I dont want to buy.

H U N T E R B O O T S- I bought these last year and absolutely love them! Never been one to spend on shoes like ever. I personally feel like Walmart shoes are kinda up there in price but I've always been like that. I would rather spend my money on a new bag or a nice shirt or even home decor. I absolute love these boots like I think I might buy a pair for my grandma they are that good. I know hunter boots are a pretty penny but man are they worth it. I feel like you can never find black hunters on sale! I also got the short ones and I think they are perfect and I'm almost 5'5. Also if have a wider calf as suggest the shorts.


Z E L L A L E G G I N G S- I've bought cheap leggings either from Walmart or target. Until I bought these and I never knew the differences. I will never buy cheap leggings unless they are for pajamas. These changed my whole outlook on spending a little extra for a staple item. I think these are one of the best purchases I have ever made (I think I will do round up soon for a blogpost). They are amazing quality and super thick. I hardly ever wear jeans so they are staples all year round and I can't tell you how many times I wore them and they still look really good. Just to note that there is a little bit of pile on the leggings but not everywhere but I also think because I wash and dry them like any regular pants and I'm pretty sure your not suppose to that.


S P A N X L E G G I N G S- These are also a staple for me in the fall and winter. I rearely ever wear jeans because I feel like they aren't as comfortable as leggings. I feel like these are kinda like a hybrid. They aren't a comfortable as my Zella leggings but not like wearing a pair of jeans. I think these are amazing but I feel like you gotta use to the sheen of them first and then they will be really nice. They do kinda run small but I got my normal size because I wanted them to suck me in rather than be more comfortable. Also I suggest if you are short or have short leggings then pay a little more and get the petites ones because I feel like they look a lot better without the extra fabric.



B A R E F O O T D R E A M S B L A N K E T- I don't know why but these cheetah print blanket kills me when I see it because I think it is so cute! I have heard so many amazing things about this blanket and this brand. What stops me in the print. Even on sale its $120 like what why? I have very high expectation for that price tag and I don't know if it will live up to that. I also felt one in Nordstrom like a month or two and they did not feel like the soft thing ever but I'm not sure if you have to wash it a bunch to get it soft. If I purchase it I will definitely let you know.


U G G S L I P P E R S- 

I think these would be a great purchase. I think the price is not that bad and they would super comfy in the winter. My feet are always freezing and I love slippers when I've been at work all day and my feet are hurting and need a little support. I think these would be perfect to take on vacation and lounge around in the hotel or wherever you are staying at. Also I love that they don't have the thick chunky swole at the bottom which I've always hated.


L E A T H E R J A C K E T-
Ok last thing I'm going to mention that im looking for a leather jacket. I had bought a blnkncy one at Nordstrom rack but its not perfect. A little tight on the shoulder and arms and the arms are too long also. I don't want to spend a ton of money on something I don't even know that I will wear all the time. I do wanna try this one out. I like the price and I think it looks like a nice one if I do ending up loving it.

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Sorry guys but I forgot about this post I had started. So as you know I went to Rome. It was definitely a lot different than expected but it was still cool to see. I am not someone who loves museums which basically what Rome is all about. My first impression is its dirty. My mom tries to be nice and downplay it but it really was. One of my favorite things was see how long ago all the thing were built, Honestly it really does amaze me that they could do that even back then. One thing I wish we did is travel around Italy. We stayed 9 days in Rome which we could of went all the major cities when is a lesson for next time. The 9 hours time difference was a killer though. I would fall asleep at 8 and wake up at 3 am and watch a tv show on my laptop waiting for everyone to wake up. We took so many pictures and I really tried to limit them because it could take hours to see all of them. We went in the beginning of April which the weather wasn't even bad but everyone seemed to be wearing parka's while we were wearing our summer attire. It only rain once which is kinda different living in WA but man we looked like wet dogs after that! I hope you enjoyed and I highly recommend going to Italy. PS I kinda wished I watch the Lizzie McGuire moving before I went to see what all they did and visit the same places