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Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Hey guys! I know this is a long time coming but I've been so busy with work and my trips that I haven't been updating instagram and my blog as much! Within the last year I've really wanted to narrow done the products I was using for skincare. I felt like I used way too products . Also Ive been watching to switch to healthier beauty and skincare options. When Beauty county was having their sale a month or two ago I finally caved and got some new non toxic items and most of them I love. I use the app called think dirty to check the rating on skincare/ beauty. You can just scan the barcode or look up the item and it will give you scale and it will tell why its not clean and tell you the causes of what can I happen. I use it all the time when go to Walmart and target for new products I wanna try. Also its kinda hard to find good clean cheap beauty but I have found that target has a natural selection. Also keep in mind that just because it says 100% doesn't mean it is! 

So my routine if you wanna call it that is different day to day. Sometimes I do certain things just because I have on makeup or have something special I need to go do. I know it sounds gross but I don't wash my face everyday because it drys out so fast! I wash my face when i start it feel like it feels gross. Sometimes if I wanna pamper myself I add a little mask.

Clinique take the day off cleaning balm: I always use take off the makeup balm. I get this at ultra and its kinda expensive and I do like this. I am going to look for a natural one after I finish this one though. I like this one because once you rub this between your finger its melt into oil. I know it can be scary just rubbing your whole face in oil but I feel like it moisturize my face and its taking off my makeup. I do like putting on my face even when I don't use make up when my skin gets really dry. Also I feel like this does leave a resdue but I always use my cleanser after so it doesn't really bother me.

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Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Face wash daily scrub: This neutrogena daily "scrub" wash is so good. I love it and I feel like it helps with acne and with toning my skin. Some people may know that I have rosacea and I do have red flare ups in my face and I use this and it makes my face feel and look 20x time better. The only this is I don't know how good it for my face. It's not currently on the think dirty app and but a similar product and same brand score an 8 which is a dirty toxic product. I do need to replace this with a healthier option but I also know this work so well for my face. Just to add this says that its a scrub but the beads are not harsh and barley scrub which I personally like but I don't use this as my scrub. I also like that this product is creamier so I feel like it doesn't strip my skin. I did buy Nourish organic face cleanser and it was so drying. I couldn't even take it I had to rewash my face and returned it back to target like a day or two later.

Acure brightening face scrub: Ive used the st ives scrub for years. I didn't know after a while that it was really bad for your skin. Honestly this was one of the products that made change to healthier option. I never was 100% in love with the st ives but never found anything better. I was browsing around in the beauty section in target with my think dirty app and found the brand acure. I love this brand it has no toxic chemicals and is so affordable and you can find it at target. They had a bunch of products and all under $20!

CeraVe Hydrating micellar creasing water: I found this product because of thaatayla on youtube. She recently has dry skin and she swears by this and I decided to give it a try. I should mention that I do have oily skin in my t zone but everything else is so dry and textured. I try to find more hydrating products than oil controlling just because that's what works for my skin. I watched a beauty video of skin care tips not to do. It said just use your hands to pat in the toner and that's what I've been doing. I think its really helped and my skin looks a lot better.

Acure radically rejuvenating eye cream: I never been a been someone who has been religious with eye cream. I honestly thought it was a little pointless. If it not going to take the lines away what good is it was my Moto. I recently picked this up at target and I really do like it. It 16.99 which is not exactly cheap but a lot better than a lot of eye creams everyone talks about. I do feel like its hydrating but I feel like I could fine a better one.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Antioxidant Face Serum with Sunscreen: I love this serum. It's pricy but its totally worth it. I also like that gives me a glow. I could totally put this on and nothing else and my skin would look so nice and plump. I also love that I can pick it up at target or ulta. At ulta I can you the point system and get money off your purchases if you save your points!

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ Intense Repair: This is the best moisturizer hands down. It so good and you get a huge bottle for only 20 and I use a ton of it. It give me a glow and sometimes makes me a little oily especially if I cake it on my nose but its worth all of it. I fell like it makes me moisturized and looking the best. It can be very tacky even if I put makeup underneath its still that sticky feeling so if don't like that feeling then don't buy this. I also know that they have a similar one that's a little different hopefully that will less sticky but I will probably try that soon.

The beauty counter overnight peel: I do like this but I feel like I don't see a huge different but that's might because I haven't been using concisely. You are only suppose to use this 3-4x times a week but you have to let it set for 5 mins and it has thing tingly and irrational feel on my skin. I will try to use this more and let you know.

It can be really hard to just switch cold turkey to health beauty/ skincare. I feel like you can't really find them in stores and you have to order them on line. Its convenient for me to pick something up instead of ordering it online. I do love online shopping but I would have constantly checking to see if I have enough and if I ran out then I would have to wait or for express shipping and that's too high maintenance for me personally. I will keep trying to find clean products in stores and I will keep you posted when I found a good option. Also I gave you this official names just to make a little easier when you go to try to find it! Let me know if you end up loving these products.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

carry on vs checked luggage

everything with you
free usually
don't have to go to baggage claim
no worrying about lost luggage

limited space
limited liquids amounts and has to fit in a bag
no aerosols and
looking for overhead bin space 
lifting it 
only had two bags total

more space
any amount of liquids and aerosols
don't have to carry it around
you can leave the airport

can get really heavy 
luggages get scuffed
baggage claim

Even though there is more cons for a carry on I will forever just use a carry on for my travel. I just prefer saving money and just having everything with me! hope you guys enjoyed this post and talk to you soon