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Sunday, April 21, 2019


I just got back from a ten day trip to Italy and I did some research and thinking about what I needed to bring to have a good trip and to have a great flight experience since we would have two 24 hours days of traveling. I brought melatonin and it was a god send for the trip to Italy! I first had to fly rom Seattle to Newark and wait then  till 11:30 that night to fly to Rome. I took it on the second plane ride and slept for about 6 hours which was really nice because I usually sleep an hour max. I felt really refreshed and had no side affects which I was grateful because I had never taken it and didn't know how I was going to react. Also I decided to a take it on the first night we got to Italy just to change my sleep schedule (I can change it in a day such a blessing and a curse) and it worked wonders. And I only took it on the flight from Rome to Newark which it definitely didn't work as well I slept for 3 hours which is better than nothing. I bought an eye mask and it was well worth the $3.99 I spent. It also let me sleep longer and throughout the night during the plane. It also is great when you go to bed earlier tan your family! SO glad I brought my laptop! I was really nervous about bringing my MacBook because its so expensive and I would be heartbroken if someone stole it. I don't always love being on the phone I like to look at something a little bit bigger sometimes. The laptop was a great choice because I could watch movies/tv shows/youtube you name it in the hotel and on the flight. I had bought two seasons of scandal to get me through the 8/9 hour flights and the layovers. I also bought the series chuck because its one of my all time favorite series I've literally watched it like 6 times through and it was on sale for $20!! I usually don't like to buy whole series on iTunes because I like the physical thing idk I'm weird. But I also I'm going on a trip next month and knew it would be good for the flight and for some downtime. I also own this on dvd but its so clunky to travel with and my laptop doesn't have a dvd slot. Just for more security measures I did buy locks for backpacks which had my laptop when I left the room. I like to think it would deter someone from stealing but they could literally take a pair of scissors and cut my backpack. But its nice it have a little piece of mind and I always made sure that I never left it laying around when I wasn't there. I made a last minute trip to target before I left and bought a pair of sunglasses and thankfully I had taken them to Italy. My eyes get really sensitive real quick in the sunlight. They start wondering like a minute outside and I have rinse my eyes to get them to stop which isn't practical when your in a foreign country sightseeing. I bought sheet face mask, eye masks with me which I only used once but it was nice to pamper yourself and to have an option to do so even if you don't use them. I'm so glad I brought a carry on. It saved me money even though I had to buy a carry on suitcase and packing cubes. Im going to do a whole post about the pros and cons for a carry on and checked luggage so stay tuned! 

 I brought my hydropeak water bottle which I love but its so heavy! Also I brought my backpack for my purse and it cannot fit (I have the 40 oz) so I would have to carry it all which is something I did not want to do. It made my carry on super heavy and uncomfortable to travel with. If I could go back I would bring more comfy shoes. I brought three pairs of shoes which sounds good but I did not bring the right ones. I brought my Walmart tennis shoes to wear which I do love but not nearly as comfortable as my nikes especially if I am wearing them all day. I brought my vans because they are a dressier sneaker but have no support and would not recommend wearing them all day. Last pair of shoes I Brought was my fur slides from target. I chose fur instead of my Adidas one because the fur ones are "dressy" but don't have much support and they didn't feel like a cloud like the Adidas one do. I love the slides but I don't recommend them on a trip when you already have limited space. I always usually bring a pair of slides with me because I wear them at the airport because so easy to go through airport security. I knew I was going to bring my laptop traveling and I needed a pair of headphones so I could watch videos on the airplane and before everyone woke up because I am an early riser. I had bought a pair of the jelly cheap ones that I hate but was too cheap to buy the apple headphones! I have one of the newer phones so mine doesn't have the phone jack part unfortunately. I ended up picking up a nicer pair that was still affordable from Marshalls and I loved them. I was going to bring my other pair but decided to save "space". On my second day of the trip while sleeping I knocked my laptop off the bed and my headphones had broke. Thankfully my sister my nice for the time being and let me use hers. Also bring a backup pair. I had bought a portable adapter from Marshall that was on clearance for $6! Cant complain because it was so cheap but I liked the one my sister got from target. Felt like better quality and definitely was more sturdy than mine. Also next time I will be bring two so I can charge more than one thing at once! I bought a Walmart travel set before the trip because I knew I was only doing a carry on and not checking anything. It was under $6 but 3 of the pieces were so cheap and I couldn't end up get product out of it. I also did have to buy other containers to fit all my stuff but everything fit in the pouch and I felt if even if I didn't like half of the pieces the pouch was worth $6! I live on dry shampoo and you cannot take aerosols on planes in a carry on. I told myself that I was going to buy dry shampoo when I was in Italy but I could only find one brand and didn't know how I was going to take it home. I ended up passing but I wish I had at least brought baby powder to solved my problem. Trying to save my liquids space I opted for stick deodorant which I don't personally like. I bought a travel size stick and it broke like the second day and definitely didn't work as well as my usual stuff. Last but not least go to your own back and order the currency before you go out the country. It going to be a lot easier on you when you get there and so much cheaper. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will post some pictures from Italy in the next post!

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