Love List

Friday, April 26, 2019


Hey guys I thought I would pop on and show some great spring stuff I picked up! As you know I love really affordable clothes. I had picked some good stuff from target and Walmart recently that's so great for spring and summer and I feel like you guys need it. I did not picture obviously everything because I had bought so much stuff and you and me would be here for twenty years. I also will link mostly everything (if I can find it) for you just in case you want to shop. AND I just to need to like you know that I found amazing Neverfull dupes on amazon under $50!! So that post is coming next and hope you guys enjoyed this one.

Sorry guys I looked at all the stuff from Walmart and its sold out! I know that really sucks but I found some of the stuff still at Walmart in store you just gotta look and go quick. Speaking from personal experience I would buy one thing go but like two days later and its gone so I would just run out right now if you want it! also who doesn't need a Britney Spears t-shirt!!

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