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Saturday, February 2, 2019


Hello guys. Its been awhile but I didn't want to do two favorites post back to back. I thought these leggings needed a post by themselves. I had purchase these leather leggings from Spanx back when the Nordstrom anniversary sale was going on. I had went up a size because that's what everyone tells you what to do. I personally didn't like them. I felt like they weren't that faltering and drew attention to my legs which I didn't like. Which to be honest was probably in my head but if I don't like the way I feel then I'm not going to wear them. I wanted them to work but they didn't. It didn't help that it was in the dead of summer so the over expose sunlight didn't help the shininess aspect at all. Nevertheless I had return them, which to this day I regret it. I loved the idea of them because every blogger had talked about them. I also tried to find a dupe for them because they are expensive and I thought maybe they aren't meant for my body type. I tried the targets wild fable line but again those didn't work so I returned them. I had an important event to go to on February 8th and so I thought these would be perfect to wear to the event. I finally broke down and order them. I picked them up from the Spanx website because they had petites sizes and the regular were too long for me. This time I order my true size and I love them. I think they are so great. This size makes a huge difference and they suck me in where I wanna be. They are kinda of hard to put them on one because they are so tight but man do they fit and feel so feel so well. They kinda a feel like a good pair of jeans where they are tight and break in and they are perfect now. I feel like they are definitely in between a high waisted jean and leggings. They are tighter but more comfortable than jeans because I never where jeans. I like these because I always wear leggings to everything. I now feel like its not socially acceptable to wear "work out" leggings to nice places or fancier places. Definitely not judging because I have wore Zella leggings out to the club I just realized I needed something a little nicer to wear. Personally I think they worth the investment. I bought cheap leggings for years and finally realized how much nicer more expensive leggings are and I can never go back. I already feel like I going to wear these a ton and only had them for like 1.5 days! I am going to link them down below and also Karla Reed’s instagram account which she convinced me I need these twice. She also also has 4 outfits saved in her highlights where she style the Spanx and it also nice to see different inspiration. 

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