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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Hey y'all. I wanted pop on here and do some favorites post because I haven't done them in a while. I think im going to spilt them up so I dont have one gigantic post. I think all these were discovered in 2018 but I didn't want to do a 2018 favorites because some of this stuff I haven't used for the whole year. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what your favorites are!

Apple Watch: I bought mine on Black Friday and got an awesome deal on it. Im obsessed with it. It so nice because I hate carrying my phone on me. I love that it tracks my step at work and I can also use it for working out. I got mine in the space grey because I have to have my apple products match.
Macbook: I know this is kinda cheating but I've wanted a MacBook for years and years. They always have been so expensive so I never pulled the tigger. I needed a laptop for work and it was hassle to write blogs post on my phone. Again Im obsessed with it. I use it almost everyday if not everyday and I love that i'm not on my phone as much. And I going to Italy (I know so exciting!!!) and this is going to be perfect for the flight. I got the 13 inch because I felt that was the perfect size and also got the newest MacBook Air that was just released for $999. I know it sounds steep but I promise its a really good deal and I bought mine from Costco.

Prison Break: Let me tell you this is the best show I've ever watch. Grey's anatomy was number one but not anymore. First season is the best but I do like all the other seasons besides season 3 not really a fan but its ok. Michael Scofield is like my dream guy. He should actually be called mcdreamy instead. Coming from me that a huge.
Chicago Fire: I think I have mentioned this show before but Chicago fire is one of my favorites. I go through periods of watching something but fine if I don't watch it for a few weeks and look forward to it every week. This is definelty look forward to it every week. When I moved to Missouri we had no internet for 2 weeks and watched every season of Chicago fire. 

The year of country music. I listen to about 98% country music. I have discovered two of my favorites in 2018 and Im so excited about it. Luke Combs is my absolute favorite artist. I lOVE his music. I love his rugged raspy voice. His song One Number Way and Dive are my  most listened to songs. Im so excited for more music and hopefully soon. I really wish he would come back to Seattle because I totally would love to go see him. The second person is Cody Johnson. I love his music also. My favorite songs songs at the moment in on my way to you and dear rodeo. His new album is about to drop in like two days which im really excited about 

Pro teas are literally my new favorite exhibit A up above. I will be updating this post in a few days just incase I remember anything because my brain is awful. Talk to you guys soon.

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