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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Hey y'all. Im sorry I haven't posted in a very long time. Im trying to get in the back of swing of things. I feel like life has been crazy and I had to send my MacBook in for repair. I will be trying to post more and have routine down. I do have so post planned but I feel like not enough time to do write and edit and then post them. But I wanted to get on here and post tip guide for a little skin secrets I have learned over the years. These are all really simple and anyone could start now.

NUMBER 1: I always do is wash my face in cold water unless I'm in the shower. Yes it does take a little bit of getting use to but I feel like it really helps. I do have roseca and it evens out my skin a lot more and then hot or warm water. It helps clean and open your pores. I know hot water dry out your skin and I think helps a little bit more with keeping moisture in and tighten your skin. On the internet it said you should wash your face in luke warm water but I have tried to do that for a little bit but it definitely doesn't work as well as cold water. I haven't noticed any more acne since making the switch.

NUMBER 2: Cutting out dairy products. This was a big step for me because I love just eating those baby bell cheese it was my favorite snack but I realized that it was breaking me out so bad. I heard for years that dairy was really bad but I never believed it because I didn't want to get it up. I mostly given up dairy. I do eat it sometimes but I try to limit my intake. I feel like this can beneficial for many people you just have to do it.

NUMBER 3: I honestly 100% believe that you should always listen to your body. Believe it or not it always talks to you. Wether that be in your face, hair, body, skin, and etc. I always try to watch my skin and body when using products and eating new this also. A year or two ago I learned that coffee make break out all the time and cut it out and my acne got so much better. I noticed when I started eating my cheese again that got a lot worse. I realized when I was using certain products my skin was so much more dry. Make sure you are paying attention to it. I promise it will tell you everything you need to know.

NUMBER 4: I know to this hard for me because I love wearing makeup but its not the best for my skin. Even though I use mostly clean beauty products my skin always is worst after wearing make for 12 plus hours. I also believe if you need or want to wear makeup I think you should invest in some clean makeup. Some clean makeup products can be spendy they also have some at the drug stores. You just have to be open to trying and searching for things. Buying clean products isn't as easy as buying dirty ones. It takes more time and you always have to research everything. I would highly suggest downloading the Think Dirty and EWG apps on iPhone or Android and they are free apps. I feel like help you ween through the crap that they put in makeup cosmetics. Also a very good thing I always use reference for is Just ingredients guides. They are so amazing and really affordable. I purchased the beauty one but she has many different guides. I always look at this when I wanna switch up products or when I run out of something.

NUMBER 5: Less is more with skin care. I personally had no idea what I was doing or what I was using a few years ago. I used multiple scrubs to exfoliating because that's I what I thought I needed. I cannot even tell how many face washes and different products were in my routine. I cut out a lot of the steps which is better for me and I feel like skin is way better now. My skin is not a nearly as dry as it was before. I feel like skincare and makeup is alway a learning process you just have to go through trial and error.

And here's a tip for free take everyones skin advice with a grain of salt (even mine) because everyone's skin/ body is all different and we all certain skincare or products in our life. These are the 5 tips that really my skin and I actually noticed a difference.  Remember just because they work for me doesn't mean they will work for you and vice versa. 
Hope you enjoyed this talk to you later!
Thursday, July 18, 2019


Hey guys! I'm trying more to get back to the routine of blogging and updating my Instagram more. I know it is July but man I feel like here in Washington we've had nothing but gloomy summer days all summer long. I thought it would help to post some outfit inspiration. I think one tip is wear lights colors. I love white it's my favorite color. So I like to wear white and blush together I think it looks really nice and summery. When its gloomy I'm usually wearing leggings just because that's more comfortable. I honestly wanted colder weather since spring for some reason so I wear my leggings and sweatshirts a lot more than usual. But if you weren't into leggings you switch it for a light wash pair of jeans! I dont think ill be able to find everything so I will have similar looks for you down below. Hope you guys enjoyed this short post and I'll see you soon!

Monday, July 15, 2019


Hey guys! I back here with a fashion haul from amazon. Honestly I love amazon prime! I am going to see Cody Johnson on in a week and I didn't have any cute that I wanted to wear so I decided to purchase something. I didn't know if would end up liking everything so I decided to purchase from amazon because I have prime so it would nbe here in two days! Also I liked the fact that it was free returns so I didn't need to like everything. It kinda seem like a no brainer since I wanna affordable items.

First thing is this one cropped tie top. I absolutely love this and I will definitely be wearing this to the concert. The reviews said that it does run big which I do agree with them. However I got my normal size and so glad I did. I didn't realize it was going to be so cropped so im happy with being a little big because it gives me more length. It does have a ruffle at the end which is see-through but it doesn't bother me because I will always wear something high waisted with it. I think this great addition for all year round because I can add an jacket and boots and transition to fall and winter. Under $17 for this cute top!

These shorts honestly not my favorite which I will probably send them back because I dont think I need them. Im not really a shorts kinda girl unless im home and in my pj's. I feel like they aren't the most flattering and feel stiff and they have a horrible zipper. The fraying at the end isn't my favorite and the color isn't as nice as it looks. I sound like a Debby downer but they just aren't my cup of tea but I've had absolutely awful. I think $20 is too much to spend on an ok item! I personally don't think they are worth the money.

This Johnny Cash shirt is my favorite! I really like it and it has a loose fit which is something I love! Also love that its a pretty mustard color. I'm going to love this for lazy days at home or just throwing this on for a casual day running errands.

This dress is so cute on the amazon picture but I find this really unflattering on my body type. I planned on wearing this before it even arrived but it was a no go when I tried it on. I feel like in person it looks like a old lazy dress the way the fit is for some reason. This was is going back and I am really bummed this one didn't work out. They did have a long version which I love maxi dresses but I knew I didn't want one for the concert.

Ok last item I purchased was this dress. Can you tell I love this color? I really was excited about this but it came and it was little different than expected. I still think it looks cute but definelty looks better online. I felt like the fabric was little cheap and not soft. The fit wasn't that bad but also thought it was short on me and I'm almost 5'5 so not for you tall girls. Nevertheless I think its a nice dress if you want something quick and summer dress.

Everything is linked down below! Hope you guys enjoyed this post, see you soon!

Friday, July 12, 2019


Hey guys I just wanted to post some of my favorite picks from the anniversary sale! Personally never go crazy at the sale. Last year I only bought a few things and I ended up loving them. I think they have a lot of junk and a few gems! If you want a more in depth post for sale I would look at Livingmybeststyle's blog her will be a lot better than mine. I just dont feel like is not worth it especially I feel like the sale isn't as good as last year and not going push want I dont want to buy.

H U N T E R B O O T S- I bought these last year and absolutely love them! Never been one to spend on shoes like ever. I personally feel like Walmart shoes are kinda up there in price but I've always been like that. I would rather spend my money on a new bag or a nice shirt or even home decor. I absolute love these boots like I think I might buy a pair for my grandma they are that good. I know hunter boots are a pretty penny but man are they worth it. I feel like you can never find black hunters on sale! I also got the short ones and I think they are perfect and I'm almost 5'5. Also if have a wider calf as suggest the shorts.


Z E L L A L E G G I N G S- I've bought cheap leggings either from Walmart or target. Until I bought these and I never knew the differences. I will never buy cheap leggings unless they are for pajamas. These changed my whole outlook on spending a little extra for a staple item. I think these are one of the best purchases I have ever made (I think I will do round up soon for a blogpost). They are amazing quality and super thick. I hardly ever wear jeans so they are staples all year round and I can't tell you how many times I wore them and they still look really good. Just to note that there is a little bit of pile on the leggings but not everywhere but I also think because I wash and dry them like any regular pants and I'm pretty sure your not suppose to that.


S P A N X L E G G I N G S- These are also a staple for me in the fall and winter. I rearely ever wear jeans because I feel like they aren't as comfortable as leggings. I feel like these are kinda like a hybrid. They aren't a comfortable as my Zella leggings but not like wearing a pair of jeans. I think these are amazing but I feel like you gotta use to the sheen of them first and then they will be really nice. They do kinda run small but I got my normal size because I wanted them to suck me in rather than be more comfortable. Also I suggest if you are short or have short leggings then pay a little more and get the petites ones because I feel like they look a lot better without the extra fabric.



B A R E F O O T D R E A M S B L A N K E T- I don't know why but these cheetah print blanket kills me when I see it because I think it is so cute! I have heard so many amazing things about this blanket and this brand. What stops me in the print. Even on sale its $120 like what why? I have very high expectation for that price tag and I don't know if it will live up to that. I also felt one in Nordstrom like a month or two and they did not feel like the soft thing ever but I'm not sure if you have to wash it a bunch to get it soft. If I purchase it I will definitely let you know.


U G G S L I P P E R S- 

I think these would be a great purchase. I think the price is not that bad and they would super comfy in the winter. My feet are always freezing and I love slippers when I've been at work all day and my feet are hurting and need a little support. I think these would be perfect to take on vacation and lounge around in the hotel or wherever you are staying at. Also I love that they don't have the thick chunky swole at the bottom which I've always hated.


L E A T H E R J A C K E T-
Ok last thing I'm going to mention that im looking for a leather jacket. I had bought a blnkncy one at Nordstrom rack but its not perfect. A little tight on the shoulder and arms and the arms are too long also. I don't want to spend a ton of money on something I don't even know that I will wear all the time. I do wanna try this one out. I like the price and I think it looks like a nice one if I do ending up loving it.

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Sorry guys but I forgot about this post I had started. So as you know I went to Rome. It was definitely a lot different than expected but it was still cool to see. I am not someone who loves museums which basically what Rome is all about. My first impression is its dirty. My mom tries to be nice and downplay it but it really was. One of my favorite things was see how long ago all the thing were built, Honestly it really does amaze me that they could do that even back then. One thing I wish we did is travel around Italy. We stayed 9 days in Rome which we could of went all the major cities when is a lesson for next time. The 9 hours time difference was a killer though. I would fall asleep at 8 and wake up at 3 am and watch a tv show on my laptop waiting for everyone to wake up. We took so many pictures and I really tried to limit them because it could take hours to see all of them. We went in the beginning of April which the weather wasn't even bad but everyone seemed to be wearing parka's while we were wearing our summer attire. It only rain once which is kinda different living in WA but man we looked like wet dogs after that! I hope you enjoyed and I highly recommend going to Italy. PS I kinda wished I watch the Lizzie McGuire moving before I went to see what all they did and visit the same places

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Hey guys! I know this is a long time coming but I've been so busy with work and my trips that I haven't been updating instagram and my blog as much! Within the last year I've really wanted to narrow done the products I was using for skincare. I felt like I used way too products . Also Ive been watching to switch to healthier beauty and skincare options. When Beauty county was having their sale a month or two ago I finally caved and got some new non toxic items and most of them I love. I use the app called think dirty to check the rating on skincare/ beauty. You can just scan the barcode or look up the item and it will give you scale and it will tell why its not clean and tell you the causes of what can I happen. I use it all the time when go to Walmart and target for new products I wanna try. Also its kinda hard to find good clean cheap beauty but I have found that target has a natural selection. Also keep in mind that just because it says 100% doesn't mean it is! 

So my routine if you wanna call it that is different day to day. Sometimes I do certain things just because I have on makeup or have something special I need to go do. I know it sounds gross but I don't wash my face everyday because it drys out so fast! I wash my face when i start it feel like it feels gross. Sometimes if I wanna pamper myself I add a little mask.

Clinique take the day off cleaning balm: I always use take off the makeup balm. I get this at ultra and its kinda expensive and I do like this. I am going to look for a natural one after I finish this one though. I like this one because once you rub this between your finger its melt into oil. I know it can be scary just rubbing your whole face in oil but I feel like it moisturize my face and its taking off my makeup. I do like putting on my face even when I don't use make up when my skin gets really dry. Also I feel like this does leave a resdue but I always use my cleanser after so it doesn't really bother me.

product description pag

Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Face wash daily scrub: This neutrogena daily "scrub" wash is so good. I love it and I feel like it helps with acne and with toning my skin. Some people may know that I have rosacea and I do have red flare ups in my face and I use this and it makes my face feel and look 20x time better. The only this is I don't know how good it for my face. It's not currently on the think dirty app and but a similar product and same brand score an 8 which is a dirty toxic product. I do need to replace this with a healthier option but I also know this work so well for my face. Just to add this says that its a scrub but the beads are not harsh and barley scrub which I personally like but I don't use this as my scrub. I also like that this product is creamier so I feel like it doesn't strip my skin. I did buy Nourish organic face cleanser and it was so drying. I couldn't even take it I had to rewash my face and returned it back to target like a day or two later.

Acure brightening face scrub: Ive used the st ives scrub for years. I didn't know after a while that it was really bad for your skin. Honestly this was one of the products that made change to healthier option. I never was 100% in love with the st ives but never found anything better. I was browsing around in the beauty section in target with my think dirty app and found the brand acure. I love this brand it has no toxic chemicals and is so affordable and you can find it at target. They had a bunch of products and all under $20!

CeraVe Hydrating micellar creasing water: I found this product because of thaatayla on youtube. She recently has dry skin and she swears by this and I decided to give it a try. I should mention that I do have oily skin in my t zone but everything else is so dry and textured. I try to find more hydrating products than oil controlling just because that's what works for my skin. I watched a beauty video of skin care tips not to do. It said just use your hands to pat in the toner and that's what I've been doing. I think its really helped and my skin looks a lot better.

Acure radically rejuvenating eye cream: I never been a been someone who has been religious with eye cream. I honestly thought it was a little pointless. If it not going to take the lines away what good is it was my Moto. I recently picked this up at target and I really do like it. It 16.99 which is not exactly cheap but a lot better than a lot of eye creams everyone talks about. I do feel like its hydrating but I feel like I could fine a better one.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Antioxidant Face Serum with Sunscreen: I love this serum. It's pricy but its totally worth it. I also like that gives me a glow. I could totally put this on and nothing else and my skin would look so nice and plump. I also love that I can pick it up at target or ulta. At ulta I can you the point system and get money off your purchases if you save your points!

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ Intense Repair: This is the best moisturizer hands down. It so good and you get a huge bottle for only 20 and I use a ton of it. It give me a glow and sometimes makes me a little oily especially if I cake it on my nose but its worth all of it. I fell like it makes me moisturized and looking the best. It can be very tacky even if I put makeup underneath its still that sticky feeling so if don't like that feeling then don't buy this. I also know that they have a similar one that's a little different hopefully that will less sticky but I will probably try that soon.

The beauty counter overnight peel: I do like this but I feel like I don't see a huge different but that's might because I haven't been using concisely. You are only suppose to use this 3-4x times a week but you have to let it set for 5 mins and it has thing tingly and irrational feel on my skin. I will try to use this more and let you know.

It can be really hard to just switch cold turkey to health beauty/ skincare. I feel like you can't really find them in stores and you have to order them on line. Its convenient for me to pick something up instead of ordering it online. I do love online shopping but I would have constantly checking to see if I have enough and if I ran out then I would have to wait or for express shipping and that's too high maintenance for me personally. I will keep trying to find clean products in stores and I will keep you posted when I found a good option. Also I gave you this official names just to make a little easier when you go to try to find it! Let me know if you end up loving these products.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

carry on vs checked luggage

everything with you
free usually
don't have to go to baggage claim
no worrying about lost luggage

limited space
limited liquids amounts and has to fit in a bag
no aerosols and
looking for overhead bin space 
lifting it 
only had two bags total

more space
any amount of liquids and aerosols
don't have to carry it around
you can leave the airport

can get really heavy 
luggages get scuffed
baggage claim

Even though there is more cons for a carry on I will forever just use a carry on for my travel. I just prefer saving money and just having everything with me! hope you guys enjoyed this post and talk to you soon
Friday, April 26, 2019


Hey guys I thought I would pop on and show some great spring stuff I picked up! As you know I love really affordable clothes. I had picked some good stuff from target and Walmart recently that's so great for spring and summer and I feel like you guys need it. I did not picture obviously everything because I had bought so much stuff and you and me would be here for twenty years. I also will link mostly everything (if I can find it) for you just in case you want to shop. AND I just to need to like you know that I found amazing Neverfull dupes on amazon under $50!! So that post is coming next and hope you guys enjoyed this one.

Sorry guys I looked at all the stuff from Walmart and its sold out! I know that really sucks but I found some of the stuff still at Walmart in store you just gotta look and go quick. Speaking from personal experience I would buy one thing go but like two days later and its gone so I would just run out right now if you want it! also who doesn't need a Britney Spears t-shirt!!

Sunday, April 21, 2019


I just got back from a ten day trip to Italy and I did some research and thinking about what I needed to bring to have a good trip and to have a great flight experience since we would have two 24 hours days of traveling. I brought melatonin and it was a god send for the trip to Italy! I first had to fly rom Seattle to Newark and wait then  till 11:30 that night to fly to Rome. I took it on the second plane ride and slept for about 6 hours which was really nice because I usually sleep an hour max. I felt really refreshed and had no side affects which I was grateful because I had never taken it and didn't know how I was going to react. Also I decided to a take it on the first night we got to Italy just to change my sleep schedule (I can change it in a day such a blessing and a curse) and it worked wonders. And I only took it on the flight from Rome to Newark which it definitely didn't work as well I slept for 3 hours which is better than nothing. I bought an eye mask and it was well worth the $3.99 I spent. It also let me sleep longer and throughout the night during the plane. It also is great when you go to bed earlier tan your family! SO glad I brought my laptop! I was really nervous about bringing my MacBook because its so expensive and I would be heartbroken if someone stole it. I don't always love being on the phone I like to look at something a little bit bigger sometimes. The laptop was a great choice because I could watch movies/tv shows/youtube you name it in the hotel and on the flight. I had bought two seasons of scandal to get me through the 8/9 hour flights and the layovers. I also bought the series chuck because its one of my all time favorite series I've literally watched it like 6 times through and it was on sale for $20!! I usually don't like to buy whole series on iTunes because I like the physical thing idk I'm weird. But I also I'm going on a trip next month and knew it would be good for the flight and for some downtime. I also own this on dvd but its so clunky to travel with and my laptop doesn't have a dvd slot. Just for more security measures I did buy locks for backpacks which had my laptop when I left the room. I like to think it would deter someone from stealing but they could literally take a pair of scissors and cut my backpack. But its nice it have a little piece of mind and I always made sure that I never left it laying around when I wasn't there. I made a last minute trip to target before I left and bought a pair of sunglasses and thankfully I had taken them to Italy. My eyes get really sensitive real quick in the sunlight. They start wondering like a minute outside and I have rinse my eyes to get them to stop which isn't practical when your in a foreign country sightseeing. I bought sheet face mask, eye masks with me which I only used once but it was nice to pamper yourself and to have an option to do so even if you don't use them. I'm so glad I brought a carry on. It saved me money even though I had to buy a carry on suitcase and packing cubes. Im going to do a whole post about the pros and cons for a carry on and checked luggage so stay tuned! 

 I brought my hydropeak water bottle which I love but its so heavy! Also I brought my backpack for my purse and it cannot fit (I have the 40 oz) so I would have to carry it all which is something I did not want to do. It made my carry on super heavy and uncomfortable to travel with. If I could go back I would bring more comfy shoes. I brought three pairs of shoes which sounds good but I did not bring the right ones. I brought my Walmart tennis shoes to wear which I do love but not nearly as comfortable as my nikes especially if I am wearing them all day. I brought my vans because they are a dressier sneaker but have no support and would not recommend wearing them all day. Last pair of shoes I Brought was my fur slides from target. I chose fur instead of my Adidas one because the fur ones are "dressy" but don't have much support and they didn't feel like a cloud like the Adidas one do. I love the slides but I don't recommend them on a trip when you already have limited space. I always usually bring a pair of slides with me because I wear them at the airport because so easy to go through airport security. I knew I was going to bring my laptop traveling and I needed a pair of headphones so I could watch videos on the airplane and before everyone woke up because I am an early riser. I had bought a pair of the jelly cheap ones that I hate but was too cheap to buy the apple headphones! I have one of the newer phones so mine doesn't have the phone jack part unfortunately. I ended up picking up a nicer pair that was still affordable from Marshalls and I loved them. I was going to bring my other pair but decided to save "space". On my second day of the trip while sleeping I knocked my laptop off the bed and my headphones had broke. Thankfully my sister my nice for the time being and let me use hers. Also bring a backup pair. I had bought a portable adapter from Marshall that was on clearance for $6! Cant complain because it was so cheap but I liked the one my sister got from target. Felt like better quality and definitely was more sturdy than mine. Also next time I will be bring two so I can charge more than one thing at once! I bought a Walmart travel set before the trip because I knew I was only doing a carry on and not checking anything. It was under $6 but 3 of the pieces were so cheap and I couldn't end up get product out of it. I also did have to buy other containers to fit all my stuff but everything fit in the pouch and I felt if even if I didn't like half of the pieces the pouch was worth $6! I live on dry shampoo and you cannot take aerosols on planes in a carry on. I told myself that I was going to buy dry shampoo when I was in Italy but I could only find one brand and didn't know how I was going to take it home. I ended up passing but I wish I had at least brought baby powder to solved my problem. Trying to save my liquids space I opted for stick deodorant which I don't personally like. I bought a travel size stick and it broke like the second day and definitely didn't work as well as my usual stuff. Last but not least go to your own back and order the currency before you go out the country. It going to be a lot easier on you when you get there and so much cheaper. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will post some pictures from Italy in the next post!
Saturday, February 2, 2019


Hello guys. Its been awhile but I didn't want to do two favorites post back to back. I thought these leggings needed a post by themselves. I had purchase these leather leggings from Spanx back when the Nordstrom anniversary sale was going on. I had went up a size because that's what everyone tells you what to do. I personally didn't like them. I felt like they weren't that faltering and drew attention to my legs which I didn't like. Which to be honest was probably in my head but if I don't like the way I feel then I'm not going to wear them. I wanted them to work but they didn't. It didn't help that it was in the dead of summer so the over expose sunlight didn't help the shininess aspect at all. Nevertheless I had return them, which to this day I regret it. I loved the idea of them because every blogger had talked about them. I also tried to find a dupe for them because they are expensive and I thought maybe they aren't meant for my body type. I tried the targets wild fable line but again those didn't work so I returned them. I had an important event to go to on February 8th and so I thought these would be perfect to wear to the event. I finally broke down and order them. I picked them up from the Spanx website because they had petites sizes and the regular were too long for me. This time I order my true size and I love them. I think they are so great. This size makes a huge difference and they suck me in where I wanna be. They are kinda of hard to put them on one because they are so tight but man do they fit and feel so feel so well. They kinda a feel like a good pair of jeans where they are tight and break in and they are perfect now. I feel like they are definitely in between a high waisted jean and leggings. They are tighter but more comfortable than jeans because I never where jeans. I like these because I always wear leggings to everything. I now feel like its not socially acceptable to wear "work out" leggings to nice places or fancier places. Definitely not judging because I have wore Zella leggings out to the club I just realized I needed something a little nicer to wear. Personally I think they worth the investment. I bought cheap leggings for years and finally realized how much nicer more expensive leggings are and I can never go back. I already feel like I going to wear these a ton and only had them for like 1.5 days! I am going to link them down below and also Karla Reed’s instagram account which she convinced me I need these twice. She also also has 4 outfits saved in her highlights where she style the Spanx and it also nice to see different inspiration. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Hey y'all. I wanted pop on here and do some favorites post because I haven't done them in a while. I think im going to spilt them up so I dont have one gigantic post. I think all these were discovered in 2018 but I didn't want to do a 2018 favorites because some of this stuff I haven't used for the whole year. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what your favorites are!

Apple Watch: I bought mine on Black Friday and got an awesome deal on it. Im obsessed with it. It so nice because I hate carrying my phone on me. I love that it tracks my step at work and I can also use it for working out. I got mine in the space grey because I have to have my apple products match.
Macbook: I know this is kinda cheating but I've wanted a MacBook for years and years. They always have been so expensive so I never pulled the tigger. I needed a laptop for work and it was hassle to write blogs post on my phone. Again Im obsessed with it. I use it almost everyday if not everyday and I love that i'm not on my phone as much. And I going to Italy (I know so exciting!!!) and this is going to be perfect for the flight. I got the 13 inch because I felt that was the perfect size and also got the newest MacBook Air that was just released for $999. I know it sounds steep but I promise its a really good deal and I bought mine from Costco.

Prison Break: Let me tell you this is the best show I've ever watch. Grey's anatomy was number one but not anymore. First season is the best but I do like all the other seasons besides season 3 not really a fan but its ok. Michael Scofield is like my dream guy. He should actually be called mcdreamy instead. Coming from me that a huge.
Chicago Fire: I think I have mentioned this show before but Chicago fire is one of my favorites. I go through periods of watching something but fine if I don't watch it for a few weeks and look forward to it every week. This is definelty look forward to it every week. When I moved to Missouri we had no internet for 2 weeks and watched every season of Chicago fire. 

The year of country music. I listen to about 98% country music. I have discovered two of my favorites in 2018 and Im so excited about it. Luke Combs is my absolute favorite artist. I lOVE his music. I love his rugged raspy voice. His song One Number Way and Dive are my  most listened to songs. Im so excited for more music and hopefully soon. I really wish he would come back to Seattle because I totally would love to go see him. The second person is Cody Johnson. I love his music also. My favorite songs songs at the moment in on my way to you and dear rodeo. His new album is about to drop in like two days which im really excited about 

Pro teas are literally my new favorite exhibit A up above. I will be updating this post in a few days just incase I remember anything because my brain is awful. Talk to you guys soon.