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Sunday, December 30, 2018


Hello everyone! I'm so excited to talk about eyebrows. First I love eyebrows it probably the first thing I notice on a person. Never been a tweezer kinda girl I don't have patiences or don't have the eye to shape them perfectly. I've waxed them for years and liked because it would give a shape but didn't take too much time. I have very sensitive skin so my would red for at least 24 hours or sometimes longer and it did feel that great.

I heard of threading brow places but never really tried one. Back in Nov my sisters birthday was the 17th and we decided to get our threaded in a place in Everett near the mall. I will leave a link down below for their website or yelp. I believe it was $10 or $12 for brow threading and it was a game changer. Personally I didn't like the feeling while they were doing it. Like I said sensitive skin so I felt like they were scraping my skin. Also I thought it is more painful that waxing just because its individual hair coming out kinda like tweezing. Also its definitely more timing consuming but it doesn't take more than ten mins. You wanna hear the best part? My brows have not fully grown back in yet and its been more than a month and a half. I personally have really bush eyebrows naturally and they grow super fast. Within two weeks or more from waxing they would of all grown out by now. Honestly I think that's the best part because I want as low maintenance as possible. I do wanna mention that I did pluck my eyebrows once after but I only got a few hairs that were long enough to pull out. Its safe to say that I will never go back to waxing again. And love that it works better and better for your skin. 

Best Brow Threading Salon
Friday, December 28, 2018


Hey guys I just wanted to pop on here real quick and talk about the target clearance section. I don't know about everyones local target but mine had a bunch of sweaters which were 50% off!Side not does everyone think it so weird that they have sweaters in the clearance in December? I saw a lot of the ones I wanted a few months back but never pulled the trigger. I only picked up two this trip because I had a limit time in there and how many creams sweaters can one girl justify. Just some  information I feel like a lot of there sweaters are a little cropped so just keep that in mind when sizing comes up. I picked up this cream sweatshirt which Karla Reed mentioned a few weeks back. She sad it runs big but I personally don't think it. A least for me I wouldn't want it any smaller. It also does have this really thick heavy material as lining not a regular sweatshirt lining. Definitely wouldn't stop me from buying it but not what I expected. The second this I had picked up is a chenille sweatshirt. I had bought one very similar from Walmart right before thanksgiving. I did like it but wasn't really a fan of the neckline but it kept me really warm even in the Montana snow. However I ended up giving it to my sister who loved it and didn't have any sweaters. I do like the neck line of this one way better however this one is cropped which I don't prefer but its under $13! So that's everything how you guys enjoyed and talk to you soon!