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Friday, November 16, 2018


Home decor is my favorite thing. I love it probably even more than fashion or beauty. Let me tell you it can be expensive and you can also fine really good deals. I always look for certain things to redecorate even though I pretty much don't have any room in my room for any of this but looking wont hurt. (just kidding because I wanna buy everything. I went looking and around so really good stuff online. I'm personally really into cow hide right now. I want pillows, chair, and etc all in my room. I think I'm going to get a cow hide rug but couldn't find one reasonably priced online that I couldn't link for you unfortunately. I also did link some Christmas stuff because everyone and their mother like to decorate in November which I love because you always get really nice inspiration. I personally am not huge fan of color so I don't like to decorate with a bunch of reds or oranges or etc. Creams and white is more of style and even more around the holidays. Since its around the holiday season I also put some stockings and one that is a little spendy for my taste but its cow hide fur and speaks to my heart. One thing I didn't realize is walmart has some cute pillows!! I've always look in store and found some cute ones but they have even more online. Personally my taste is very rustic and farmhouse unless it's pillows. I love boho pillow and Moroccan  wedding pillows are my favorite but so expensive like yikes. I love how they just give style and texture to a space. Well guys I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you come back.

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