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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Hello hello! I’m back! I always find these videos so entertaining so I thought I would do a post instead! So I’m packing a little different than my normal trips. I’m going to Montana to see my sister, nieces, and my brother in law. Since I know I doing a family trip I’m packing more lounge wear more than nice clothes. I know most of the time I’m going to be in my “pjs” aka leggings and T-shirt’s which I totally fine with. I personally get really cold so I’m bring a couple sweatshirts for around the house and I’m bring one warm jacket just in case we do something outside. I’m also bringing like 4 t shirts and leggings because that’s what I live in. I did bring some sweaters/ jackets to look nice on one or two days just in case we take pictures ;)! I tried to be very practical with my shoes so I narrowed it down and I’m only bringing 3 pairs. And I feel like it’s unnecessary to bring a different pair of shoes for the flight so I’m gonna be wearing my Adidas ones. I have to wear slippers so I brought this leopard pair that I just Picked up from target for $14.99! I just bought my normal skin care and my make up which I will be doing an updated blogpost so stay tune for that. I always go through my packing twice or even three times to cut down stuff and save space! So just letting every one know that I know this seems like a lot but I probably won’t take all of it. So that ends it. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope to see you soon

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