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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Hey! Currently I’m heading back to Washington. I went to go see my sister who lives in Montana. I thought it be a little helpful if I posted a what I didn’t wear also. I’m a huge over packer. When I go on flights I’m praying that my suitcase is under 50 lbs. It’s usually at 49 but I still don’t wear all the stuff I pack. I showed you guys in the last post what I packed so this will be what I need didn’t need and what I didn’t bring I wanted.

First of I was pretty spot on the nice clothes. I did happen to buy a sweater last minute at the store. I really only dresses up for 3 days. I didn’t end up wearing my pink jacket because I had bought a cardigan that had replaced it. Unfortunately it was way too cold to just wear in on it’s own so I wore the cardigan instead. I had to pretty much bundle up every time I went somewhere outside. 

I didn’t bring any jeans or other pants besides leggings. I brought my two nice pair of leggings and that was all I wore outside. When the Nordstrom anniversary sale went on splurged on Zella leggings and man I love them. They are so comfortable and yet they suck you in. They are also really thick and good quality. Usually I freeze in leggings because I usually buy the cheap ones that are thin but these kept me pretty warm for the most part. When we were in the snow in the mountains I was little cold but I could handle it when I usually freezing in normal temperature.

A few years ago Splurged on a north face coat when I went to New York in the winter. Yes it was very expensive. I’m not usually one to spend that kind of money on a coat but that coat was worth every penny. I use it every winter and when I go on trips that have cold weather. That coat makes low temperature tolerable and helps with the wind factor.

I over packed the sleep and lounge wear. Even though I planned to spend most of the time inside I didn’t need all of it. I’m a worrier when I pack I think that’s why I over pack. So I bring like 5 back ups just Incase. I really need to get better at this. I think I had a few extra shirts and a fews leggings/ one pair joggers. I did bring a beanie which didn’t end really needing it. I did bring two sweatshirts for the trip which only did wear one of them!

I brought was my hunter boots. I love them and worth every penny. I did get them on sale so I saved about $60. These are the most practical boots ever. Use can use them in the snow, rain, mud, and etc. really happy I picked these up. However one thing to think about when traveling is these boots are not light. I wore them on the flight over to Montana just because it was gross outside and on the way back because I had no room for anything. But I did personally wear these 95% of the time. Just keep the weight if your always packing down to the last pound. Also one thing is I wore these in the mountains in the snow with just regular socks and my feet felt like ice. You have to wear warm socks with these. They have no insulation in the boots. I also brought my black vans because though are my go too. I brought my adidas cloud foam shoes which was unnecessary because I didn’t even need them. I did bring a pair of slippers that I used 50% of the time and the other 50% my niece took them haha.

I forgot my robe which I try to remember on every trip. It’s not that big of a deal because I can manage but I would of liked to bring it. I forgot to pack an airport outfit on the way back. Again not a huge deal because I over packed but I usually like all my t’s crossed and i’s dotted. Also huge thing I forgot to pack was deodorant!! I even went to the store and bought some and didn’t put in my bag.

When in Montana I did buy a few things! I bought a fuzzy pullover that I wearing back for the plane ride. I also bought a pair of grey slippers from Costco. I had been wanting a pair of grey slippers for a while and the ones at Costco are only $19.99! I bought a cardigan from only that I got a good deal on which is featured in new post on Instagram. Also I bought deodorant because gross.

I brought my iPad but really had nothing downloaded on it and no music so I really didn’t need to bring it. Also brought a magazine and books but never used them!

Another thing to say is this trip was really weird for me. I’m usually a planner like 3 or 4 days from my flight. I go on Pinterest and YouTube to find stuff to bring on the flight with me but that didn’t happen. Everything was fine because the flight was less than two hours but I was so unprepared for this trip which I’m usually not. My sister called me the mom of the group because I bring stuff just Incase we need them. I felt like I didn’t plan anything and I did it on a whim with I do not like. But everything worked out so everything is all good. Well that’s everything I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll talk to you soon!
Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Hello hello! I’m back! I always find these videos so entertaining so I thought I would do a post instead! So I’m packing a little different than my normal trips. I’m going to Montana to see my sister, nieces, and my brother in law. Since I know I doing a family trip I’m packing more lounge wear more than nice clothes. I know most of the time I’m going to be in my “pjs” aka leggings and T-shirt’s which I totally fine with. I personally get really cold so I’m bring a couple sweatshirts for around the house and I’m bring one warm jacket just in case we do something outside. I’m also bringing like 4 t shirts and leggings because that’s what I live in. I did bring some sweaters/ jackets to look nice on one or two days just in case we take pictures ;)! I tried to be very practical with my shoes so I narrowed it down and I’m only bringing 3 pairs. And I feel like it’s unnecessary to bring a different pair of shoes for the flight so I’m gonna be wearing my Adidas ones. I have to wear slippers so I brought this leopard pair that I just Picked up from target for $14.99! I just bought my normal skin care and my make up which I will be doing an updated blogpost so stay tune for that. I always go through my packing twice or even three times to cut down stuff and save space! So just letting every one know that I know this seems like a lot but I probably won’t take all of it. So that ends it. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope to see you soon
Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Hey guys! It’s so close to thanksgiving so I’d thought I’d pop on and put outfit inspiration for thanksgiving. I always find it so hard to find out outfits because part of me wants to look nice but also wanna comfortable. Hope you guys enjoy and see you soon!





Friday, November 16, 2018


Home decor is my favorite thing. I love it probably even more than fashion or beauty. Let me tell you it can be expensive and you can also fine really good deals. I always look for certain things to redecorate even though I pretty much don't have any room in my room for any of this but looking wont hurt. (just kidding because I wanna buy everything. I went looking and around so really good stuff online. I'm personally really into cow hide right now. I want pillows, chair, and etc all in my room. I think I'm going to get a cow hide rug but couldn't find one reasonably priced online that I couldn't link for you unfortunately. I also did link some Christmas stuff because everyone and their mother like to decorate in November which I love because you always get really nice inspiration. I personally am not huge fan of color so I don't like to decorate with a bunch of reds or oranges or etc. Creams and white is more of style and even more around the holidays. Since its around the holiday season I also put some stockings and one that is a little spendy for my taste but its cow hide fur and speaks to my heart. One thing I didn't realize is walmart has some cute pillows!! I've always look in store and found some cute ones but they have even more online. Personally my taste is very rustic and farmhouse unless it's pillows. I love boho pillow and Moroccan  wedding pillows are my favorite but so expensive like yikes. I love how they just give style and texture to a space. Well guys I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you come back.