Love List

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Heys guys! I’ve been searching for some new inexpensive bags for this year. Pretty much every bag I have is black which is nice but I wanted something different colors for didn’t outfits. I got them both for under $25 which I love because it’s cheaper than target purses! I’ve really been into backpacks I find them so easy. I got this plain white backpack that really simple but still cute. It’s does give me a 90s vibe just a little bit. The second bag I picked up was a bucket bag. I only have one bucket bag but it’s pink so I don’t wear it that often and it’s gets real heavy because it’s so big. This one is smaller but I kinda like it that way. It’s also a off white and love the idea of whites bags. My favorite color is white. My room is white, bedding, clothes everything is white and I just love it so simple. I both got them at Forever 21. They had so many other cute bags but they were black and didn’t need another black bag. My only concern is that they are too cheap but we will see. I just hate to spend $20 on a bag that’s going to fall apart so soon. I usually bag “designer” brands like Marc Jacobs, Rebecca minkoff, and etc just because they are well made. Yes those purses are expensive but man do they last and you can find some on sale! 

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