Love List

Monday, October 22, 2018


Hey guys! I’d thought I’d just pop on here and post some cute fall basics under $50. I love to always add new pieces to my wardrobe but hate breaking the bank. I feel like you can get some amazing piece under $50 dollars! You don’t have to spend a fortune you just have to know where to look ;) hope you just enjoy it and I’ll talk to you guys later!
Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Heys guys! I’ve been searching for some new inexpensive bags for this year. Pretty much every bag I have is black which is nice but I wanted something different colors for didn’t outfits. I got them both for under $25 which I love because it’s cheaper than target purses! I’ve really been into backpacks I find them so easy. I got this plain white backpack that really simple but still cute. It’s does give me a 90s vibe just a little bit. The second bag I picked up was a bucket bag. I only have one bucket bag but it’s pink so I don’t wear it that often and it’s gets real heavy because it’s so big. This one is smaller but I kinda like it that way. It’s also a off white and love the idea of whites bags. My favorite color is white. My room is white, bedding, clothes everything is white and I just love it so simple. I both got them at Forever 21. They had so many other cute bags but they were black and didn’t need another black bag. My only concern is that they are too cheap but we will see. I just hate to spend $20 on a bag that’s going to fall apart so soon. I usually bag “designer” brands like Marc Jacobs, Rebecca minkoff, and etc just because they are well made. Yes those purses are expensive but man do they last and you can find some on sale! 
Sunday, October 7, 2018


Hey guys I’m back with a really simple post. I recently got a black denim jacket that I had picked up at target for under $30 which I had been searching for. I had been looking for style inspiration before I made the purchase but couldn’t find anything on Instagram or Pinterest which I thought was really weird and checked google which no luck. After having it for a few weeks I thought I’ve give you guys a little inspiration. 

   First outfit I just paired with a black pair of jeans which normally would not do that because it could look like a little too much but these are like a faded grey black. Also paired it with an oversized dressy “tank top” and some fur loafers.

Second outfit is my typical put together picture fall outfit. Honeslty I can imagine that I would wear this to the pumpkin patch or on a gloomy day. Bundling up just makes me feel so much more cozy and warm which is perfect for fall. I may add that Hunter boots are literally the best purchase you can ever make. Trust me I know that they are expensive but you can feel that they’re great quality and will last for years.  And I live in rain season from October to June that I will get a lot of use.

Third outfit is something that I would wear all the time. I love to be cozy and where leggings and a sweatshirt. This is the most perfect outfit for me personally because I feel like leggings are pajamas. Denim jacket and a dressy element to this outfit which I like because I feel put together and not so much like a slob.  And you can definitely some vans or other dressy sneakers to just elevate a little bit more.

Fourth outfit Is a version like the last one but I feel like this one it’s a little bit more dressy but still comfortable. I just love the idea of wearing a sweatshirt underneath a denim jacket. I feel like it makes me want to wear jacket more just because I do get so cold that sometimes a jacket like that it’s not even warm enough for me. 

 Last but not least the fifth outfit.  This is my dressy casual outfit. I like to be casual 100% percent of the time. I really don’t like to dress up but certain occasions I have to but this is as dressy on a day-to-day basis that I will get besides once in a great while I’ll put like a dress or something.  I think this outfit is really simple but it’s also very put together and all it is is jeans boots and a pair T-shirt. I love that there’s not a lot of layering pieces so it’s super easy. You don’t even have to think about it you can just put it on and it looks great together.

I know there’s a lot of different outfits that you can easily do with this jacket but I  I tried to use stuff that I would actually wear and I had in my closet already.  Hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to guys later thank you bye! Also I forgot the jacket is would our online. It’s been sold out for months but you go to the page and check if your size is in stock in stores!