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Thursday, September 27, 2018


Hey guys I’m back to tell and show you something’s I got and love. Fall is so nice because I just love leggings and always have layers on. I try to layer during the summer but ends up being too hot. My style is very casual and my wardrobe is work in progress. Still trying to find out what some of my basics are and what I need to stop buying and what works for me. Keeping that in mind I picked up so clothes that are super cute and affordable! Let’s get started.

I had picked up a blue jean jacket like a month or two ago from the universal threads line at target. I have a light wash jacket which I love and it’s definitely more fitted which is what I prefer on jackets. I picked up a medium wash one thinking wearing it for the fall. Also sized up two sizes from my light was one so it was more oversized and would give a different look than the lighter one. I’ve been looking for a black demin jacket forever. For months and never found one I like. The one that I liked was on but was sold out and not available in stores. I tried to find one elsewhere but nothing I really liked and worth the price tag. But I found the black one I had been eyeing at target in stores and it was under $30. I also wanna add that it’s definitely not as “soft” and stretchy as my blue one but that’s maybe because I haven’t washed it yet but I’ll let you know. I didn’t however sizes up and usually size down on my jackets.

Ok I know this isn’t for everyone but I thought this was so cute I honestly love it. Purchased at target and was by the champion line. I had saw this in the original spot but they didn't have my size and walked away. I was checking out at target and saw it right there in the front in my size and just grabbed it with no regrets. Also it is very cream which is ok just letting everyone know because when you pair it with white it’s very yellow looking. Also so incredibly warm. I am someone who is always cold put this jacket on and I would sweat. It retails for 39.99 which is kind of of expensive to be honest but (I didn’t look at the price I just grabbed it) I got a 20% coupon which was pretty nice. The fit is a tiny bit weird if I don’t say. The sleeves are really huge and long on me but fits perfectly on the stomach. I had picked up a true grit last year and I like it but hardly wear it. I picked this very similar jacket up at Walmart and it was only $19.99 and I like this so much better and also I sized up so it oversized and comes in 4 different colors. I think the fit the fit is also better and more faltering because it’s in women’s sizes. I picked up the blue color how ever I wish they had a grey. But I keeping my eye out for it.

I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket. I didn’t want a cheap one. I wanted a really nice one but didn’t want to break the bank. I wanted one that had a nice fit. I’m so picking on the fit because if I don’t like it I probably won’t wear it.  I had been searching at Nordstrom rack for one for a year. I finally saw one in my size when I went this past weekend. It’s blanknyc brand which is what I wanted. The fit is pretty good but the arms are long which are fine for me because I can cuff these a tiny bit and don’t mind the look of that. 

Let me tell I love to be cozy. Honestly one of my favorite outfits is just a sweatshirt and leggings so simple yet so cozy and comfortable. I just picked up a plain grey crew neck and it’s honestly the best. I have worn it so many times already. You can honestly buy just a cheap one at Walmart for like $5 in the men’s sections. Why are men’s sweatshirt/ tee shirts so much better than women’s the struggle is real but anyways I picked up black adidas sweatshirt and white nike sweatshirt. So easy to run errands or even when the house is freezing. I just picked up this camo zip up at Walmart because it was the only one and in my size. I have wanted to get as camo sweatshirt for a while now but haven’t found the right one. I thought this would be a good option because very inexpensive and I can just throw this on out the door and many different outfits and times.

Everyone goes crazy about sweaters but never have really been obsessed with them. Most of the ones I find are nice but not really soft material and they are usually so unflattering. I had found this sweater that I loved in my grandmas closet. It’s the fist one that I really loved. It honestly gave me an itch too buy someone and find ones similar to that one. I went to target but not my store I went to the near my moms house and they had so much cute sweaters and wanted all them. I had came home with one and is going to be staple. It’s tiny bit see through but I bought a new dollar cami and it’s totally find. I think the trick to not have them unfaltering is to size down and not have a ton of extra fabric. So excited to add some more to my collection.

I love in Washington and it rains a lot. Rainy season is from like October to May haha not kidding. So this year I invested into some hunter boots. Always wanted a pair but that price tag hurts me. Still really expensive but I bought mine during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I got plain black and got the matte. Honestly when I bought I didn’t even think if they were matte or glossy but so happy I got the matte. Also this year I realized that had no dressy tennis shoes. I picked the black old school vans and obsessed with them. I have to tell myself to wear something else all the time. Definitely a staple and so practical to wear. Just letting you know they are not cushiony what so ever so if you’ve been on your feet all day they aren’t the best shoes to wear. But I have wore them like majority of the day and they didn’t hurt my feet. I’ve been wanting a pair of the adidas striped sneakers and picked them up in the white and black. I do like these but they aren’t very comfortable after being on your feet all day and the heel digs in on one side.

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