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Sunday, July 1, 2018


Hey guys long time no talk! I just wanted to pop on here and share my favorites with you since I haven’t done one in a while.

I don’t do my makeup on a regular basis anymore so I won’t have a lot of products to tell you about but I’ll mention some products that stand out in my head. I have currently been loving the exposed blush by tarte when I put on makeup. It’s like a bronzey mauve blush I love it how ever it’s more of a matte finish. I recently went to ulta and picked up the rose water and been currently loving it. I have this weird thing about spraying my face... I don’t know but I really enjoy it. This also gives me a glow to my skin whiteout making me oily. I spray it at least three times a day. Also I been loving this charcoal toothpaste and it really cleans my teeth and I think like it doesn’t help to whiten my teeth bit. I got mine at Target for $5. I found the best lip product which is Vaseline lip therapy which is in a tub and it’s half the price of aquaphor. Also added a few things down below that pop into my mind that I love using when I do my makeup..

Ive been a backpack kick. I think they are easy and hands free. I do really love my free people backpack but it doesn’t really hold a lot and kinda annoying to stuff everything in there when I’m in a rush.  I really liked the looked of the Gucci backpack but honestly I can’t justify that price point. I saw this backpack on Maggie Macdonalds stories and it looks like total dupe. Been loving it ever since and it holds literally everything and more. Totally worth the price and if you buy it on Nordstrom rack you save money also. When I order that backpack I also ordered a Sonix phone case (linked below and also the one I have my eye on). I have bought so many Sonix cases over the years! I loved them but when I got my 8 plus I had broke one and then I was checking out my other one and I broke that one also. Which put me off because they are not cheap and thought they weren’t that great quality! But I have had some many and only two broke. I bought a new one since it was half price and been loving it so far. Been loving bandanas again I love wearing them because they get my hair out of my face but I don’t have to put my hair up. I had purchased the blue striped from target and I really like it and it’s different from the ones I already own. I purchased this denim jacket back in February and I have obsessed with it ever since. And better yet it’s only $30! Really tempted to buy the black version. I just wanted to mention that my adidas slides are so comfy and better shoe purchase yet. I wear all the time and with any outfit.

I thought I just tell you a little bit of my random favorites. Kinda obsessed Live PD. It comes on the a&e channel and it’s on Friday and Saturday from 6-9pm and they also replay the episode after it originally airs. I have watched and loved cops since I was kid. I find it so funny. Criminals can be so dumb sometimes. It’s the same concept as cops but it’s live and the same departments all the time. I actually like it better because it’s a lot more personable than cops. Even though they have different lineups every weeks for the different departments but you see the same people which I like more. You start to see people’s personalities. I do like some of the people on it now but all my favorites are from Slidell unfortunately they aren’t the show anymore but they said they are coming and I’m just waiting here. But they have replays and videos on YouTube. Bought some songs by Luke combs and I’m obsessed . My current favorite is Must of never met you. Go give it a listen! Another favorite has been my day designer planner from target. This is the 3rd year I have bought one and they are also so really affordable and also come in different prints and different sizes. And last but not least my grandma had picked up this blanket from this localish store and it had boxes in the name but it’s literally the softest thing ever. It’s an emgerald green on one side and a cream on the other. I don’t if I can find it online but it’s by the brand life comfort. Thanks for stopping by and hope you guys enjoyed my favorites post. Let me know your favorites down below, talk to you guys soon

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