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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Hey y’all! (Switching it up blend in with the Missourians). Purses has always been a love of mine since day one. I use to get a purse every weekend whenever I use to go to my grandparents house! The love is there but I don’t go crazy anymore and I’m more selective since I’ve becoming older. I try to go for higher end bags now. When I say high end I mean Kate spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff and etc. They have good quality pieces and classics which is still expensive I personally think but a little bit more  manageable than spendy thousands of dollars! Honestly some of these designer are still expensive I think so I like to get stuff on sale or Nordstrom rack! Nordstrom rack is the best way to get a really nice bag without breaking the bank! You don’t need this specific bag I just love them and think they are worth having! I also put my  experiences with the bags and why are so good. Also some are replacements from that I didn’t end up liking for whatever reason. I also put the names of the bag Incase you think you need a new one because that always happens to me.

PERFECT TINY BAG: I feel like you always need small bag that holds everything but doesn’t get too heavy. This a Rebecca minkoff mini Mac purse which I found at nordstrom rack in Boston for half price! I was hunting for a brown one because I wanted neutral color. I usually don’t like brown bags but I hate this bag in black for some reason. I also love the strap is removable so you carry it like a clutch. When I go on vacation I always bring this bag. On vacation I hate carrying  a huge purse and wanna carry the bare minimum. I also love this for go out also. Same with going to the bar or something I do not wanna carry a giant purse especially if I’m going to dance. I took this purse to Cabo when I went last summer and I loved it was nice. I watched someone’s review on this bag and said it fit nothing and for me personally that it’s true. I can carry a wallet, phone, lipgloss, and a bunch of other items with plenty of room.

BUCKET BAG: this bucket bag is from Gigi newyork! I got this color on sale a few years ago! I been waiting for spring so I can use this bag again. Honestly I love buckets bags. You can literally fit everything you want. This one has a long strap for a shoulder or crossbody which honestly is a  necessity for me. I love this type of bag so much I’m looking into getting a Rebecca minkoff fringe bucket bag in black! I keep looking at it but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Only two cons with this type (at least my experience with this one) it’s heaving like really heavy if you stuff it too much or if you stuff it too much you little cannot find anything but I still love this bag. Also it’s nice because majority of my bags are black. And if they aren’t its a neutral color so it’s nice to have something different what I can still find tons of outfits to wear with it.

BACKPACK: I did buy a black Rebecca minkoff backpack dupe which I love the functionality of a backpack but I hated using that one. The opening was really awkward and had to dig for my stuff but couldn’t see inside so I just realized that I hated using it so I need sometthing else. I was looking around for one. I started look for deville backpack from free people. This girl had it for a while and i love it but backpacks make me feel  juvenile. I wanted a backpack that was for fashion but wasn’t a mini. I just find minis look so weird and unproportional And by time I realized i wanted this specific one it was sold out. I started looking on poshmark and found a grey one but said no because I wanted the black. I learned that if it’s not usually black I don’t wear it as much! So I found it eventually and bought it. It came and I was really surprised at the size. It was a lot smaller then it looked online. It still holds a lot of stuff! I like it because it’s a little bit more edgy than my go to bags! I wanted a backpack to be hands free and something that’s was heaving! I also use a north face backpack for traveling so I wanted a different option but this doesn’t my iPad with a bunch of other stuff which is a bummer. I like to wear this on my back like usual or I like to use the top handle to hold it and it’s not huge so it not uncomfortable either.  Also hold a very good amount of stuff and it’s great for running errands .

THE PERFECT CROSSBODY: this is favorite bag of all time. It’s the Natasha bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs.  I got this when I graduated high school. I paid full price for this which was expensive let me tell you. But honestly one of the best purchases I ever made. I used this bag so much over the years and it’s still going strong. I purchase it in 2013 in June or July so I almost have had it for 5 years! This a really great simple classic bag. I used this day to day basis, I’ve used it on vacations, going out and you name it. This bag never gets too heavy and the perfect length strap! For years I had it on the one it originally came with and recently moved it up when is almost a nice length for me and I’m 5’5. I would be so embarrassed to show you inside because it’s disgustingly dirty. It’s also looks wore but in good shape if that makes sense! It is more “saggy” if you get what I mean because I really have broken it in.  I loved this bag so much that actually bought the new version which I got at nordstrom rack for half the price! I still love this version better though. Unfortunately I don’t wear this one as much anymore but I still will never sell it!

TOTEISH BAG: this is newest purse I’ve actually bought. Once again I saw this girl have this bag on Instagram and to be honest I hated this bag. I thought it was so ugly and haven’t the biggest fan of Michael Kors. She kept carrying it and slowly I started to fall in love with this bag. I don’t know why but the more and more I look at this bag I needed it in my life. She got hers on sale but was sold out when I looking to buy. I finally found it on amazon and paid around the sale price I found it for. I couldn’t believe it so I bought it. I used this bag like crazy and I honestly was really surprised. I knew I was going to use but I didn’t know this much. I bought it back in October and barley carried anything else since. I know this not a tote but probably the closet thing to it I will carry to it (beside when traveling). This purse is huge but honestly it doesn’t bother me. Also it can get a little heavy but not as bad as my bucket bag. You can hold anything and everything in this bag. I tend to carry a lot in this bag probably because it is a bigger bag. I also like that there is a long strap for crossbody or shoulders. I normally don’t usually wear it crossbody unless it’s heavy or I want it to be out of the way. I liked this bag because I hate closing my bags and I felt like it was still secure without zippening it. One of the reason I got this bag was because I had something similar to it but wasn’t really functional the way I wanted it to be. My other one had no structure to it so it flop open or wouldn’t stay up! I mean I did really like the bag and was really cute but I knew I was going to use the bag. The other bag had nice handles to carry in your hand or on crook of your open which I loved so I wanted that also in my new bag. Ithink this really good dupe for the speedy b. I picked mine up in the leather but I know you can get the canvas type that looks like the speedy!

Well hope you guys enjoyed this post. I just really love talking about purses and let me know if you think I need anything in my collection! Hope y’all have a good day see you soon!

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