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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Hey guys! I’m back with a very exciting well I think. As some of you know I have recently moved to Missouri with my sister and her family. It’s honestly has been a crazy experience. Yes things are the same but very different! I went from a very up and coming town to the middle of nowhere. Most of the business are closed down or not open very long. It also has been very nice but taking some getting use to. The only thing that really sucks is target, ulta, Sephora and etc is an hour plus away but we do have a hobby lobby that is 20 mins away which is nice (every nice). I pretty set up my room from the get go but I did recently buy some new stuff for my room also because I left most of my print at home in Washington. When I moved in the paint color was this light lilac/lavender which is not my cup of tea at all. I honestly try to work with it but I couldn’t handle it anymore and I bought some paint. I ended up going to Home Depot (felt like a complete idiot didn’t know what I was doing) and I chose Abode Sand by Bear I believe that the brand. I honestly love it! It didn’t take me that long also. Took me like 4 hours the first day and second day I did a very thin thin layer and touch ups which took me an hour. Also this wasn’t an one coat paint but it covered very well. Well worth the time and energy and I honestly love my new room a 100 times more not even  exaggerating! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Sorry about links everything I tried to find isn’t linkible which is quite annoying.
But I let you guys know where everything from!

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