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Friday, February 2, 2018


Hey guys I’m back and living in another state. I just moved to missouri and still trying to get back in the swing of everything! I’ve been binge watching Chicago Fire!  One of the best shows (highly recommend)! Unfortunately the place where I moved is over an hour away from Target. Girl I know you don’t have to tell me twice (sad day)! Before I moved I stocked up on my favorite products from target before I left. I’m really trying to use all my beauty products before I buy more or try out new things. I finally started using the Pacifica sea foam micelluar water which I purchase about two months ago. I was using it tipped over and has probably a third left which is really annoying because I used it once. So I went on my target app to order more and look at the stuff online. I was really surprised at the dupes they had online and they looked pretty nice. I think for the most part the prices are reasonable but sometimes I’m still too cheap to pay that much. I tried to pick  recognizable dupes that everyone could figure out. Trust me these are not all of them but the ones that I would mostly purchase for myself or for a gift! I picked up these look alike fur loafers and i just received them and I’m obsessed let me tell you. All i did size up a half a size but i do that in most shoes because of my wide feet! I don’t like the my foot close to the edge so perfect length but i do have to say that it was tiny bit shorter i would of returned and went to a size nine! Let me know if I’m missing something that is worth trying out and hope you guys enjoyed this! See you soon.

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