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Thursday, January 11, 2018


Hey guys! I am desperate need of boots for fall and winter! I’ve been searching for cute, affordable, and good quality boots everywhere. I had some other colors but need black leather boots with a low heel. I’ve never been on to spend money on shoes. For years I would never buy new shoes I just wore what I had but it really didn’t make a difference to me. A year half ago I went to Ross and picked up 4 pairs of new shoes. Since then it kinda spark my new addiction (rather tame though). I see on Instagram all these girls wearing cutout boots/ mules/ etc and they are cute all but not practical for me. Living in western Washington it rains a lot. Rain season is from October to June I swear so all these open shoes would be awful. I saw these boots on target and I’m not going to lie they were not my favorite. They are super flashy which isn’t me! The more I looked them the more I liked them. I had these in my cart during Black Friday but hadn’t checkout but just went about my day. I kept looking for good sales and added something to my cart and saw that they weren’t in there. I checked and they were out of my size so I signed up for a notification when they were back in stock. Happened overnight and went out again then checked again and I ordered them. I sized up because I have a wide foot and cannot stand when the length doesn’t give me room. When they got here I put them on and they made my feet feel clunky. But I put on some outfits and I fell in love. So I posted outfits down below so you can get some inspiration and how I would style them. For the most part I personally styled them pretty casual which I love but I did dress them up in a few outfits. (They are personally dressed for me) Hope you guys enjoy and let me know your favorite pair of boots!

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