Love List

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Hey guys! I am desperate need of boots for fall and winter! I’ve been searching for cute, affordable, and good quality boots everywhere. I had some other colors but need black leather boots with a low heel. I’ve never been on to spend money on shoes. For years I would never buy new shoes I just wore what I had but it really didn’t make a difference to me. A year half ago I went to Ross and picked up 4 pairs of new shoes. Since then it kinda spark my new addiction (rather tame though). I see on Instagram all these girls wearing cutout boots/ mules/ etc and they are cute all but not practical for me. Living in western Washington it rains a lot. Rain season is from October to June I swear so all these open shoes would be awful. I saw these boots on target and I’m not going to lie they were not my favorite. They are super flashy which isn’t me! The more I looked them the more I liked them. I had these in my cart during Black Friday but hadn’t checkout but just went about my day. I kept looking for good sales and added something to my cart and saw that they weren’t in there. I checked and they were out of my size so I signed up for a notification when they were back in stock. Happened overnight and went out again then checked again and I ordered them. I sized up because I have a wide foot and cannot stand when the length doesn’t give me room. When they got here I put them on and they made my feet feel clunky. But I put on some outfits and I fell in love. So I posted outfits down below so you can get some inspiration and how I would style them. For the most part I personally styled them pretty casual which I love but I did dress them up in a few outfits. (They are personally dressed for me) Hope you guys enjoy and let me know your favorite pair of boots!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Hey guys! It’s finally 2018 and it feels like so crazy! Is it me or anyone feel like 2007 was four years ago instead 11. That sounds so crazy to me. So today thought I would show my favorites throughout the year from beauty to miscellaneous things. First I’m going to tell all my favorite beauty products! Some of these our repeats and some are new! Too faced bronzer has been my go to! I’ve pretty much replaced anything else I’ve used. It’s so funny because I had this bronzer months before and finally had to force myself to use it. Now it’s my holy grail product. Maybelline age rewind is thee best concealer for me. Nothing ever tops it and it very affordable. Elf pressed powder was go to for the year which I love but I personally like this for the outer parts of my face. Master prime is my go to primer to and so cheap! I picked up the lalafox color coat browcara which is amazing! I haven’t used it for the whole entire year but it was too good not to mention. Nude lust has been my go to lip I mixed it with everything or I used it on its own. My foundation for the year is the Sonia kashuk soft matte finish and it’s only $12.99! Moisture surge intense by Clinique has been the moisturizer I have been using. Also been using simple micelles water and Pacifica sea foam face wash!
I only have a few fashion favorites for this year! Red tshirts are one of them! I don’t know why never wear red before but I’ve been loving it. Especially I wear a lot of men’s T-shirts and I just find them and read and they’re so comfy and very casual. Also I have this green caradagin that I try wear as much as possible but I have featured in other posts so make sure to check out those! I know this kinda is cheating but the true grit Sherpa pullover because I haven’t had it very long but I’ve been LIVING in it. It’s so cozy and warm (for Washington weather)! Also I got these north face looking jacket for steal at $20 which I have been living in also felt like a blanket and washed really well.  

Ok now for my miscellaneous favorite of year!
 -From the ground up by Dan + Shay
-Filled up by Jessie James Decker (been listening to this on yt since 2016)
-Sing it to me by Dustin Lynch

 Tv shows:
-Grey’s Anatomy (DUH!)
-How to get away with murder
- impractical jokers (really found my love for this show and I’m obsessed!)

-Girls Trip (The best movie by far that came out in 2017!)

Thing I think you personally need!
-Body pillow
-heated mattress pad
-clothing rack
-a ton of blankets

Hope you guys enjoy this post! Let me know your guys favorites. Sorry but blogpost will be probably  sparse because I will be moving out state very soon but after I get settled in i will have some exciting posts coming! Thank you guys and have good day or night!