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Sunday, December 30, 2018


Hello everyone! I'm so excited to talk about eyebrows. First I love eyebrows it probably the first thing I notice on a person. Never been a tweezer kinda girl I don't have patiences or don't have the eye to shape them perfectly. I've waxed them for years and liked because it would give a shape but didn't take too much time. I have very sensitive skin so my would red for at least 24 hours or sometimes longer and it did feel that great.

I heard of threading brow places but never really tried one. Back in Nov my sisters birthday was the 17th and we decided to get our threaded in a place in Everett near the mall. I will leave a link down below for their website or yelp. I believe it was $10 or $12 for brow threading and it was a game changer. Personally I didn't like the feeling while they were doing it. Like I said sensitive skin so I felt like they were scraping my skin. Also I thought it is more painful that waxing just because its individual hair coming out kinda like tweezing. Also its definitely more timing consuming but it doesn't take more than ten mins. You wanna hear the best part? My brows have not fully grown back in yet and its been more than a month and a half. I personally have really bush eyebrows naturally and they grow super fast. Within two weeks or more from waxing they would of all grown out by now. Honestly I think that's the best part because I want as low maintenance as possible. I do wanna mention that I did pluck my eyebrows once after but I only got a few hairs that were long enough to pull out. Its safe to say that I will never go back to waxing again. And love that it works better and better for your skin. 

Best Brow Threading Salon
Friday, December 28, 2018


Hey guys I just wanted to pop on here real quick and talk about the target clearance section. I don't know about everyones local target but mine had a bunch of sweaters which were 50% off!Side not does everyone think it so weird that they have sweaters in the clearance in December? I saw a lot of the ones I wanted a few months back but never pulled the trigger. I only picked up two this trip because I had a limit time in there and how many creams sweaters can one girl justify. Just some  information I feel like a lot of there sweaters are a little cropped so just keep that in mind when sizing comes up. I picked up this cream sweatshirt which Karla Reed mentioned a few weeks back. She sad it runs big but I personally don't think it. A least for me I wouldn't want it any smaller. It also does have this really thick heavy material as lining not a regular sweatshirt lining. Definitely wouldn't stop me from buying it but not what I expected. The second this I had picked up is a chenille sweatshirt. I had bought one very similar from Walmart right before thanksgiving. I did like it but wasn't really a fan of the neckline but it kept me really warm even in the Montana snow. However I ended up giving it to my sister who loved it and didn't have any sweaters. I do like the neck line of this one way better however this one is cropped which I don't prefer but its under $13! So that's everything how you guys enjoyed and talk to you soon!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Hey! Currently I’m heading back to Washington. I went to go see my sister who lives in Montana. I thought it be a little helpful if I posted a what I didn’t wear also. I’m a huge over packer. When I go on flights I’m praying that my suitcase is under 50 lbs. It’s usually at 49 but I still don’t wear all the stuff I pack. I showed you guys in the last post what I packed so this will be what I need didn’t need and what I didn’t bring I wanted.

First of I was pretty spot on the nice clothes. I did happen to buy a sweater last minute at the store. I really only dresses up for 3 days. I didn’t end up wearing my pink jacket because I had bought a cardigan that had replaced it. Unfortunately it was way too cold to just wear in on it’s own so I wore the cardigan instead. I had to pretty much bundle up every time I went somewhere outside. 

I didn’t bring any jeans or other pants besides leggings. I brought my two nice pair of leggings and that was all I wore outside. When the Nordstrom anniversary sale went on splurged on Zella leggings and man I love them. They are so comfortable and yet they suck you in. They are also really thick and good quality. Usually I freeze in leggings because I usually buy the cheap ones that are thin but these kept me pretty warm for the most part. When we were in the snow in the mountains I was little cold but I could handle it when I usually freezing in normal temperature.

A few years ago Splurged on a north face coat when I went to New York in the winter. Yes it was very expensive. I’m not usually one to spend that kind of money on a coat but that coat was worth every penny. I use it every winter and when I go on trips that have cold weather. That coat makes low temperature tolerable and helps with the wind factor.

I over packed the sleep and lounge wear. Even though I planned to spend most of the time inside I didn’t need all of it. I’m a worrier when I pack I think that’s why I over pack. So I bring like 5 back ups just Incase. I really need to get better at this. I think I had a few extra shirts and a fews leggings/ one pair joggers. I did bring a beanie which didn’t end really needing it. I did bring two sweatshirts for the trip which only did wear one of them!

I brought was my hunter boots. I love them and worth every penny. I did get them on sale so I saved about $60. These are the most practical boots ever. Use can use them in the snow, rain, mud, and etc. really happy I picked these up. However one thing to think about when traveling is these boots are not light. I wore them on the flight over to Montana just because it was gross outside and on the way back because I had no room for anything. But I did personally wear these 95% of the time. Just keep the weight if your always packing down to the last pound. Also one thing is I wore these in the mountains in the snow with just regular socks and my feet felt like ice. You have to wear warm socks with these. They have no insulation in the boots. I also brought my black vans because though are my go too. I brought my adidas cloud foam shoes which was unnecessary because I didn’t even need them. I did bring a pair of slippers that I used 50% of the time and the other 50% my niece took them haha.

I forgot my robe which I try to remember on every trip. It’s not that big of a deal because I can manage but I would of liked to bring it. I forgot to pack an airport outfit on the way back. Again not a huge deal because I over packed but I usually like all my t’s crossed and i’s dotted. Also huge thing I forgot to pack was deodorant!! I even went to the store and bought some and didn’t put in my bag.

When in Montana I did buy a few things! I bought a fuzzy pullover that I wearing back for the plane ride. I also bought a pair of grey slippers from Costco. I had been wanting a pair of grey slippers for a while and the ones at Costco are only $19.99! I bought a cardigan from only that I got a good deal on which is featured in new post on Instagram. Also I bought deodorant because gross.

I brought my iPad but really had nothing downloaded on it and no music so I really didn’t need to bring it. Also brought a magazine and books but never used them!

Another thing to say is this trip was really weird for me. I’m usually a planner like 3 or 4 days from my flight. I go on Pinterest and YouTube to find stuff to bring on the flight with me but that didn’t happen. Everything was fine because the flight was less than two hours but I was so unprepared for this trip which I’m usually not. My sister called me the mom of the group because I bring stuff just Incase we need them. I felt like I didn’t plan anything and I did it on a whim with I do not like. But everything worked out so everything is all good. Well that’s everything I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll talk to you soon!
Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Hello hello! I’m back! I always find these videos so entertaining so I thought I would do a post instead! So I’m packing a little different than my normal trips. I’m going to Montana to see my sister, nieces, and my brother in law. Since I know I doing a family trip I’m packing more lounge wear more than nice clothes. I know most of the time I’m going to be in my “pjs” aka leggings and T-shirt’s which I totally fine with. I personally get really cold so I’m bring a couple sweatshirts for around the house and I’m bring one warm jacket just in case we do something outside. I’m also bringing like 4 t shirts and leggings because that’s what I live in. I did bring some sweaters/ jackets to look nice on one or two days just in case we take pictures ;)! I tried to be very practical with my shoes so I narrowed it down and I’m only bringing 3 pairs. And I feel like it’s unnecessary to bring a different pair of shoes for the flight so I’m gonna be wearing my Adidas ones. I have to wear slippers so I brought this leopard pair that I just Picked up from target for $14.99! I just bought my normal skin care and my make up which I will be doing an updated blogpost so stay tune for that. I always go through my packing twice or even three times to cut down stuff and save space! So just letting every one know that I know this seems like a lot but I probably won’t take all of it. So that ends it. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope to see you soon
Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Hey guys! It’s so close to thanksgiving so I’d thought I’d pop on and put outfit inspiration for thanksgiving. I always find it so hard to find out outfits because part of me wants to look nice but also wanna comfortable. Hope you guys enjoy and see you soon!





Friday, November 16, 2018


Home decor is my favorite thing. I love it probably even more than fashion or beauty. Let me tell you it can be expensive and you can also fine really good deals. I always look for certain things to redecorate even though I pretty much don't have any room in my room for any of this but looking wont hurt. (just kidding because I wanna buy everything. I went looking and around so really good stuff online. I'm personally really into cow hide right now. I want pillows, chair, and etc all in my room. I think I'm going to get a cow hide rug but couldn't find one reasonably priced online that I couldn't link for you unfortunately. I also did link some Christmas stuff because everyone and their mother like to decorate in November which I love because you always get really nice inspiration. I personally am not huge fan of color so I don't like to decorate with a bunch of reds or oranges or etc. Creams and white is more of style and even more around the holidays. Since its around the holiday season I also put some stockings and one that is a little spendy for my taste but its cow hide fur and speaks to my heart. One thing I didn't realize is walmart has some cute pillows!! I've always look in store and found some cute ones but they have even more online. Personally my taste is very rustic and farmhouse unless it's pillows. I love boho pillow and Moroccan  wedding pillows are my favorite but so expensive like yikes. I love how they just give style and texture to a space. Well guys I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you come back.

Monday, October 22, 2018


Hey guys! I’d thought I’d just pop on here and post some cute fall basics under $50. I love to always add new pieces to my wardrobe but hate breaking the bank. I feel like you can get some amazing piece under $50 dollars! You don’t have to spend a fortune you just have to know where to look ;) hope you just enjoy it and I’ll talk to you guys later!
Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Heys guys! I’ve been searching for some new inexpensive bags for this year. Pretty much every bag I have is black which is nice but I wanted something different colors for didn’t outfits. I got them both for under $25 which I love because it’s cheaper than target purses! I’ve really been into backpacks I find them so easy. I got this plain white backpack that really simple but still cute. It’s does give me a 90s vibe just a little bit. The second bag I picked up was a bucket bag. I only have one bucket bag but it’s pink so I don’t wear it that often and it’s gets real heavy because it’s so big. This one is smaller but I kinda like it that way. It’s also a off white and love the idea of whites bags. My favorite color is white. My room is white, bedding, clothes everything is white and I just love it so simple. I both got them at Forever 21. They had so many other cute bags but they were black and didn’t need another black bag. My only concern is that they are too cheap but we will see. I just hate to spend $20 on a bag that’s going to fall apart so soon. I usually bag “designer” brands like Marc Jacobs, Rebecca minkoff, and etc just because they are well made. Yes those purses are expensive but man do they last and you can find some on sale! 
Sunday, October 7, 2018


Hey guys I’m back with a really simple post. I recently got a black denim jacket that I had picked up at target for under $30 which I had been searching for. I had been looking for style inspiration before I made the purchase but couldn’t find anything on Instagram or Pinterest which I thought was really weird and checked google which no luck. After having it for a few weeks I thought I’ve give you guys a little inspiration. 

   First outfit I just paired with a black pair of jeans which normally would not do that because it could look like a little too much but these are like a faded grey black. Also paired it with an oversized dressy “tank top” and some fur loafers.

Second outfit is my typical put together picture fall outfit. Honeslty I can imagine that I would wear this to the pumpkin patch or on a gloomy day. Bundling up just makes me feel so much more cozy and warm which is perfect for fall. I may add that Hunter boots are literally the best purchase you can ever make. Trust me I know that they are expensive but you can feel that they’re great quality and will last for years.  And I live in rain season from October to June that I will get a lot of use.

Third outfit is something that I would wear all the time. I love to be cozy and where leggings and a sweatshirt. This is the most perfect outfit for me personally because I feel like leggings are pajamas. Denim jacket and a dressy element to this outfit which I like because I feel put together and not so much like a slob.  And you can definitely some vans or other dressy sneakers to just elevate a little bit more.

Fourth outfit Is a version like the last one but I feel like this one it’s a little bit more dressy but still comfortable. I just love the idea of wearing a sweatshirt underneath a denim jacket. I feel like it makes me want to wear jacket more just because I do get so cold that sometimes a jacket like that it’s not even warm enough for me. 

 Last but not least the fifth outfit.  This is my dressy casual outfit. I like to be casual 100% percent of the time. I really don’t like to dress up but certain occasions I have to but this is as dressy on a day-to-day basis that I will get besides once in a great while I’ll put like a dress or something.  I think this outfit is really simple but it’s also very put together and all it is is jeans boots and a pair T-shirt. I love that there’s not a lot of layering pieces so it’s super easy. You don’t even have to think about it you can just put it on and it looks great together.

I know there’s a lot of different outfits that you can easily do with this jacket but I  I tried to use stuff that I would actually wear and I had in my closet already.  Hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to guys later thank you bye! Also I forgot the jacket is would our online. It’s been sold out for months but you go to the page and check if your size is in stock in stores!

Thursday, September 27, 2018


Hey guys I’m back to tell and show you something’s I got and love. Fall is so nice because I just love leggings and always have layers on. I try to layer during the summer but ends up being too hot. My style is very casual and my wardrobe is work in progress. Still trying to find out what some of my basics are and what I need to stop buying and what works for me. Keeping that in mind I picked up so clothes that are super cute and affordable! Let’s get started.

I had picked up a blue jean jacket like a month or two ago from the universal threads line at target. I have a light wash jacket which I love and it’s definitely more fitted which is what I prefer on jackets. I picked up a medium wash one thinking wearing it for the fall. Also sized up two sizes from my light was one so it was more oversized and would give a different look than the lighter one. I’ve been looking for a black demin jacket forever. For months and never found one I like. The one that I liked was on but was sold out and not available in stores. I tried to find one elsewhere but nothing I really liked and worth the price tag. But I found the black one I had been eyeing at target in stores and it was under $30. I also wanna add that it’s definitely not as “soft” and stretchy as my blue one but that’s maybe because I haven’t washed it yet but I’ll let you know. I didn’t however sizes up and usually size down on my jackets.

Ok I know this isn’t for everyone but I thought this was so cute I honestly love it. Purchased at target and was by the champion line. I had saw this in the original spot but they didn't have my size and walked away. I was checking out at target and saw it right there in the front in my size and just grabbed it with no regrets. Also it is very cream which is ok just letting everyone know because when you pair it with white it’s very yellow looking. Also so incredibly warm. I am someone who is always cold put this jacket on and I would sweat. It retails for 39.99 which is kind of of expensive to be honest but (I didn’t look at the price I just grabbed it) I got a 20% coupon which was pretty nice. The fit is a tiny bit weird if I don’t say. The sleeves are really huge and long on me but fits perfectly on the stomach. I had picked up a true grit last year and I like it but hardly wear it. I picked this very similar jacket up at Walmart and it was only $19.99 and I like this so much better and also I sized up so it oversized and comes in 4 different colors. I think the fit the fit is also better and more faltering because it’s in women’s sizes. I picked up the blue color how ever I wish they had a grey. But I keeping my eye out for it.

I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket. I didn’t want a cheap one. I wanted a really nice one but didn’t want to break the bank. I wanted one that had a nice fit. I’m so picking on the fit because if I don’t like it I probably won’t wear it.  I had been searching at Nordstrom rack for one for a year. I finally saw one in my size when I went this past weekend. It’s blanknyc brand which is what I wanted. The fit is pretty good but the arms are long which are fine for me because I can cuff these a tiny bit and don’t mind the look of that. 

Let me tell I love to be cozy. Honestly one of my favorite outfits is just a sweatshirt and leggings so simple yet so cozy and comfortable. I just picked up a plain grey crew neck and it’s honestly the best. I have worn it so many times already. You can honestly buy just a cheap one at Walmart for like $5 in the men’s sections. Why are men’s sweatshirt/ tee shirts so much better than women’s the struggle is real but anyways I picked up black adidas sweatshirt and white nike sweatshirt. So easy to run errands or even when the house is freezing. I just picked up this camo zip up at Walmart because it was the only one and in my size. I have wanted to get as camo sweatshirt for a while now but haven’t found the right one. I thought this would be a good option because very inexpensive and I can just throw this on out the door and many different outfits and times.

Everyone goes crazy about sweaters but never have really been obsessed with them. Most of the ones I find are nice but not really soft material and they are usually so unflattering. I had found this sweater that I loved in my grandmas closet. It’s the fist one that I really loved. It honestly gave me an itch too buy someone and find ones similar to that one. I went to target but not my store I went to the near my moms house and they had so much cute sweaters and wanted all them. I had came home with one and is going to be staple. It’s tiny bit see through but I bought a new dollar cami and it’s totally find. I think the trick to not have them unfaltering is to size down and not have a ton of extra fabric. So excited to add some more to my collection.

I love in Washington and it rains a lot. Rainy season is from like October to May haha not kidding. So this year I invested into some hunter boots. Always wanted a pair but that price tag hurts me. Still really expensive but I bought mine during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I got plain black and got the matte. Honestly when I bought I didn’t even think if they were matte or glossy but so happy I got the matte. Also this year I realized that had no dressy tennis shoes. I picked the black old school vans and obsessed with them. I have to tell myself to wear something else all the time. Definitely a staple and so practical to wear. Just letting you know they are not cushiony what so ever so if you’ve been on your feet all day they aren’t the best shoes to wear. But I have wore them like majority of the day and they didn’t hurt my feet. I’ve been wanting a pair of the adidas striped sneakers and picked them up in the white and black. I do like these but they aren’t very comfortable after being on your feet all day and the heel digs in on one side.

Monday, September 10, 2018


Hey guys. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love pumpkins, sweaters, leggings, and etc. Even though here in western Washington doesn’t get super cold and snowy winters I still like to be cozy. I am always cold even on gloomy days in the summer. Whether  it’s summer, spring, fall, winter I always like to feel warm and comfortable. So today I giving you guys tips how to be cozy in the fall and winter.

First is definitely warm clothing for me. I absolutely love to be warm. I love sweatshirts and leggings. Even long sleeve shirts, they make me feel bundled up and warm especially nice around the house. As I mentioned earlier I am always cold. So sweatshirt are  a must for me. I pretty much live in leggings all year long since Washington doesn’t get too hot and I’m far more comfortable in 80 plus degree weather even though I love fall more. When the Nordstrom anniversary sale was going I invested into some Zella leggings and I LOVE them. I never had a staple like these and so thick and warm. Worth every penny and I’m not someone who spends 50+ on leggings.

Diffusers is something I’ve always wanted and I finally got one in my room. It makes it look feel so inviting for me personally. I’ve also read that they are multiple health benefits from essential oils. I Just picked up some ecalyptus oil and non stop using it. My diffuser was more than personally I wanted to spend so it was buy it 50% off so I went in half’s with my Grandma. Also it was pretty looking one and white which is my favorite color. I got mine at Kohl’s. Another one is candles. I love burning candles I got into when I lived in Missouri. But since I’m back home I can’t burn candles anymore. My grandma has allergies to fragrance and doesn’t want her house to burn down. (Which totally understandable) Personally I cannot smell. It’s very unfortunate but it’s the way the cookie crumbs. But even if I can’t smell it makes me cozier and makes me feel better.

I love robes. I have the same one for years and cant seem to get rid of it and use a new one. I love just using them after showers and went it get freezing in the house. Easy way to warm up and stay warm. I’m super picking about what I sleep in. For years I have been sleeping in leggings and t shirts. This year I started sleeping in shorts but highly doubt that it’s going to last in the winter months. I do have a thermal pajamas that I picked up on Black Friday at target and it’s been too hot at night to wear but excited to wear them soon again. I had touched these grey pajama pants at target on a whim and they
 were the softest pants ever and they are only 16.99! They definitely run big so I’d suggest sizing down personally. All got some “leggings” in the same material which I will definitely link below! Also highly recommend slipper they keep my feet wear and make my feet not hurt after being on my feet all day long.

Ok let’s talk about the serious stuff like blankets. Blankets are probably the best things ever. In the winter I usually sleeping with about 5 blackets to make feel warm and cozy. People tell me I’m crazy but I don’t know they make me feel safe and secure. I feel like my body temps is thrown out of wack so the five blankets might change. I always love a ton throw blankets because I use those to cover up too. I love pillows and I feel like they just make the bed even better. Also getting nice bedding. Highly suggest getting 100% cotton sheets and bedding. I got mine from targets shabby chic line and they so comfortable, cozy, and soft. They get softer as they wash. My duvet cover is not available anymore but my sheets and I will be linking it.

If you didn’t know, I love football. Like love isn’t a strong enough word. I’m an fanatic. I look forward to it every year and watch it Sunday, Monday and Thursday. It’s controls my Sunday but I love it so much. I love been home and lazy and in my bed watching football. Also movie nights are a must. When Halloween movies come back I’m recording them and I’m having relaxing time. As cheesy as they are Disney Halloween movies are my shit. Also listening to music get me in such cozy comfortable mood. I listen to music all the time. Headphones underneath the covers is amazing way to unwind and get ready for bed.

Last but not least Plants. I’m cacti loving kinda girl. I buy cacti plants before anything else. I feel like they are not unreasonably prices they last forever. Some people have told me that have killed cacti but they are so easy to take care personally. I never water them and they still grow. The way I look at it is they live in the desert in over 100 plus so I don’t need to water them all the time. I love flowers but I always kill them so I honestly don’t buy them that much but I love always looking at them. Honestly I think are kind expensive especially since I can keep them like a week. But once in a while I like to suplurge. So that’s everything hope you guys enjoyed and let me know your favorites!
Sunday, July 1, 2018


Hey guys long time no talk! I just wanted to pop on here and share my favorites with you since I haven’t done one in a while.

I don’t do my makeup on a regular basis anymore so I won’t have a lot of products to tell you about but I’ll mention some products that stand out in my head. I have currently been loving the exposed blush by tarte when I put on makeup. It’s like a bronzey mauve blush I love it how ever it’s more of a matte finish. I recently went to ulta and picked up the rose water and been currently loving it. I have this weird thing about spraying my face... I don’t know but I really enjoy it. This also gives me a glow to my skin whiteout making me oily. I spray it at least three times a day. Also I been loving this charcoal toothpaste and it really cleans my teeth and I think like it doesn’t help to whiten my teeth bit. I got mine at Target for $5. I found the best lip product which is Vaseline lip therapy which is in a tub and it’s half the price of aquaphor. Also added a few things down below that pop into my mind that I love using when I do my makeup..

Ive been a backpack kick. I think they are easy and hands free. I do really love my free people backpack but it doesn’t really hold a lot and kinda annoying to stuff everything in there when I’m in a rush.  I really liked the looked of the Gucci backpack but honestly I can’t justify that price point. I saw this backpack on Maggie Macdonalds stories and it looks like total dupe. Been loving it ever since and it holds literally everything and more. Totally worth the price and if you buy it on Nordstrom rack you save money also. When I order that backpack I also ordered a Sonix phone case (linked below and also the one I have my eye on). I have bought so many Sonix cases over the years! I loved them but when I got my 8 plus I had broke one and then I was checking out my other one and I broke that one also. Which put me off because they are not cheap and thought they weren’t that great quality! But I have had some many and only two broke. I bought a new one since it was half price and been loving it so far. Been loving bandanas again I love wearing them because they get my hair out of my face but I don’t have to put my hair up. I had purchased the blue striped from target and I really like it and it’s different from the ones I already own. I purchased this denim jacket back in February and I have obsessed with it ever since. And better yet it’s only $30! Really tempted to buy the black version. I just wanted to mention that my adidas slides are so comfy and better shoe purchase yet. I wear all the time and with any outfit.

I thought I just tell you a little bit of my random favorites. Kinda obsessed Live PD. It comes on the a&e channel and it’s on Friday and Saturday from 6-9pm and they also replay the episode after it originally airs. I have watched and loved cops since I was kid. I find it so funny. Criminals can be so dumb sometimes. It’s the same concept as cops but it’s live and the same departments all the time. I actually like it better because it’s a lot more personable than cops. Even though they have different lineups every weeks for the different departments but you see the same people which I like more. You start to see people’s personalities. I do like some of the people on it now but all my favorites are from Slidell unfortunately they aren’t the show anymore but they said they are coming and I’m just waiting here. But they have replays and videos on YouTube. Bought some songs by Luke combs and I’m obsessed . My current favorite is Must of never met you. Go give it a listen! Another favorite has been my day designer planner from target. This is the 3rd year I have bought one and they are also so really affordable and also come in different prints and different sizes. And last but not least my grandma had picked up this blanket from this localish store and it had boxes in the name but it’s literally the softest thing ever. It’s an emgerald green on one side and a cream on the other. I don’t if I can find it online but it’s by the brand life comfort. Thanks for stopping by and hope you guys enjoyed my favorites post. Let me know your favorites down below, talk to you guys soon
Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Hey y’all! (Switching it up blend in with the Missourians). Purses has always been a love of mine since day one. I use to get a purse every weekend whenever I use to go to my grandparents house! The love is there but I don’t go crazy anymore and I’m more selective since I’ve becoming older. I try to go for higher end bags now. When I say high end I mean Kate spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff and etc. They have good quality pieces and classics which is still expensive I personally think but a little bit more  manageable than spendy thousands of dollars! Honestly some of these designer are still expensive I think so I like to get stuff on sale or Nordstrom rack! Nordstrom rack is the best way to get a really nice bag without breaking the bank! You don’t need this specific bag I just love them and think they are worth having! I also put my  experiences with the bags and why are so good. Also some are replacements from that I didn’t end up liking for whatever reason. I also put the names of the bag Incase you think you need a new one because that always happens to me.

PERFECT TINY BAG: I feel like you always need small bag that holds everything but doesn’t get too heavy. This a Rebecca minkoff mini Mac purse which I found at nordstrom rack in Boston for half price! I was hunting for a brown one because I wanted neutral color. I usually don’t like brown bags but I hate this bag in black for some reason. I also love the strap is removable so you carry it like a clutch. When I go on vacation I always bring this bag. On vacation I hate carrying  a huge purse and wanna carry the bare minimum. I also love this for go out also. Same with going to the bar or something I do not wanna carry a giant purse especially if I’m going to dance. I took this purse to Cabo when I went last summer and I loved it was nice. I watched someone’s review on this bag and said it fit nothing and for me personally that it’s true. I can carry a wallet, phone, lipgloss, and a bunch of other items with plenty of room.

BUCKET BAG: this bucket bag is from Gigi newyork! I got this color on sale a few years ago! I been waiting for spring so I can use this bag again. Honestly I love buckets bags. You can literally fit everything you want. This one has a long strap for a shoulder or crossbody which honestly is a  necessity for me. I love this type of bag so much I’m looking into getting a Rebecca minkoff fringe bucket bag in black! I keep looking at it but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Only two cons with this type (at least my experience with this one) it’s heaving like really heavy if you stuff it too much or if you stuff it too much you little cannot find anything but I still love this bag. Also it’s nice because majority of my bags are black. And if they aren’t its a neutral color so it’s nice to have something different what I can still find tons of outfits to wear with it.

BACKPACK: I did buy a black Rebecca minkoff backpack dupe which I love the functionality of a backpack but I hated using that one. The opening was really awkward and had to dig for my stuff but couldn’t see inside so I just realized that I hated using it so I need sometthing else. I was looking around for one. I started look for deville backpack from free people. This girl had it for a while and i love it but backpacks make me feel  juvenile. I wanted a backpack that was for fashion but wasn’t a mini. I just find minis look so weird and unproportional And by time I realized i wanted this specific one it was sold out. I started looking on poshmark and found a grey one but said no because I wanted the black. I learned that if it’s not usually black I don’t wear it as much! So I found it eventually and bought it. It came and I was really surprised at the size. It was a lot smaller then it looked online. It still holds a lot of stuff! I like it because it’s a little bit more edgy than my go to bags! I wanted a backpack to be hands free and something that’s was heaving! I also use a north face backpack for traveling so I wanted a different option but this doesn’t my iPad with a bunch of other stuff which is a bummer. I like to wear this on my back like usual or I like to use the top handle to hold it and it’s not huge so it not uncomfortable either.  Also hold a very good amount of stuff and it’s great for running errands .

THE PERFECT CROSSBODY: this is favorite bag of all time. It’s the Natasha bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs.  I got this when I graduated high school. I paid full price for this which was expensive let me tell you. But honestly one of the best purchases I ever made. I used this bag so much over the years and it’s still going strong. I purchase it in 2013 in June or July so I almost have had it for 5 years! This a really great simple classic bag. I used this day to day basis, I’ve used it on vacations, going out and you name it. This bag never gets too heavy and the perfect length strap! For years I had it on the one it originally came with and recently moved it up when is almost a nice length for me and I’m 5’5. I would be so embarrassed to show you inside because it’s disgustingly dirty. It’s also looks wore but in good shape if that makes sense! It is more “saggy” if you get what I mean because I really have broken it in.  I loved this bag so much that actually bought the new version which I got at nordstrom rack for half the price! I still love this version better though. Unfortunately I don’t wear this one as much anymore but I still will never sell it!

TOTEISH BAG: this is newest purse I’ve actually bought. Once again I saw this girl have this bag on Instagram and to be honest I hated this bag. I thought it was so ugly and haven’t the biggest fan of Michael Kors. She kept carrying it and slowly I started to fall in love with this bag. I don’t know why but the more and more I look at this bag I needed it in my life. She got hers on sale but was sold out when I looking to buy. I finally found it on amazon and paid around the sale price I found it for. I couldn’t believe it so I bought it. I used this bag like crazy and I honestly was really surprised. I knew I was going to use but I didn’t know this much. I bought it back in October and barley carried anything else since. I know this not a tote but probably the closet thing to it I will carry to it (beside when traveling). This purse is huge but honestly it doesn’t bother me. Also it can get a little heavy but not as bad as my bucket bag. You can hold anything and everything in this bag. I tend to carry a lot in this bag probably because it is a bigger bag. I also like that there is a long strap for crossbody or shoulders. I normally don’t usually wear it crossbody unless it’s heavy or I want it to be out of the way. I liked this bag because I hate closing my bags and I felt like it was still secure without zippening it. One of the reason I got this bag was because I had something similar to it but wasn’t really functional the way I wanted it to be. My other one had no structure to it so it flop open or wouldn’t stay up! I mean I did really like the bag and was really cute but I knew I was going to use the bag. The other bag had nice handles to carry in your hand or on crook of your open which I loved so I wanted that also in my new bag. Ithink this really good dupe for the speedy b. I picked mine up in the leather but I know you can get the canvas type that looks like the speedy!

Well hope you guys enjoyed this post. I just really love talking about purses and let me know if you think I need anything in my collection! Hope y’all have a good day see you soon!
Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Hey guys! I’m back with a very exciting well I think. As some of you know I have recently moved to Missouri with my sister and her family. It’s honestly has been a crazy experience. Yes things are the same but very different! I went from a very up and coming town to the middle of nowhere. Most of the business are closed down or not open very long. It also has been very nice but taking some getting use to. The only thing that really sucks is target, ulta, Sephora and etc is an hour plus away but we do have a hobby lobby that is 20 mins away which is nice (every nice). I pretty set up my room from the get go but I did recently buy some new stuff for my room also because I left most of my print at home in Washington. When I moved in the paint color was this light lilac/lavender which is not my cup of tea at all. I honestly try to work with it but I couldn’t handle it anymore and I bought some paint. I ended up going to Home Depot (felt like a complete idiot didn’t know what I was doing) and I chose Abode Sand by Bear I believe that the brand. I honestly love it! It didn’t take me that long also. Took me like 4 hours the first day and second day I did a very thin thin layer and touch ups which took me an hour. Also this wasn’t an one coat paint but it covered very well. Well worth the time and energy and I honestly love my new room a 100 times more not even  exaggerating! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Sorry about links everything I tried to find isn’t linkible which is quite annoying.
But I let you guys know where everything from!

Friday, February 2, 2018


Hey guys I’m back and living in another state. I just moved to missouri and still trying to get back in the swing of everything! I’ve been binge watching Chicago Fire!  One of the best shows (highly recommend)! Unfortunately the place where I moved is over an hour away from Target. Girl I know you don’t have to tell me twice (sad day)! Before I moved I stocked up on my favorite products from target before I left. I’m really trying to use all my beauty products before I buy more or try out new things. I finally started using the Pacifica sea foam micelluar water which I purchase about two months ago. I was using it tipped over and has probably a third left which is really annoying because I used it once. So I went on my target app to order more and look at the stuff online. I was really surprised at the dupes they had online and they looked pretty nice. I think for the most part the prices are reasonable but sometimes I’m still too cheap to pay that much. I tried to pick  recognizable dupes that everyone could figure out. Trust me these are not all of them but the ones that I would mostly purchase for myself or for a gift! I picked up these look alike fur loafers and i just received them and I’m obsessed let me tell you. All i did size up a half a size but i do that in most shoes because of my wide feet! I don’t like the my foot close to the edge so perfect length but i do have to say that it was tiny bit shorter i would of returned and went to a size nine! Let me know if I’m missing something that is worth trying out and hope you guys enjoyed this! See you soon.