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Monday, December 4, 2017


Hey guys! I’ve recently searching everywhere to find Egyptian magic. I watch Allie Sevdalis and she swears by this product so I wanted to put it to the test. She said you can find a mini size for $5 at Walmart. So everytime I went on a Walmart run I searched for it but never had any luck. I finally it found at Walmart but it was $14.95 which is what I wanted to spend but I down to try anything that will dramatically help my skin. I went up to the cash register and rang up for $24 but did give me the $14.96 price. I did my normal skincare routine but substituted this for my moisturizer. It honestly reminds of Vaseline a little bit when applying to the face. The best way I can describe it is like a hard putty if that makes sense! (Like soft candle wax) It’s hard to get product because it’s a solid but melts by the warmth of your fingers. I did put a little to much after it warmed up to my skin but just rubbed into my skin which I usually have to do with more “oily” products because I do have oily skin and rubbing it in makes me look a little less like a grease ball. So far I don’t dislike but don’t love it yet. I will also try underneath makeup and see how that works for me. I have dry texture skin also which gets worse in the winter so I hoping this helps! MORNING AFTER: I have rosacea so a lot of the time I wake up with my face really red. Also the red makes looks 10x worse than normal but it’s something I can’t really control. When I woke up this morning my face didn’t awful but you could tell that my face was red so it didn’t look the best. The redness just accentuates my pimples or my acne scaring underneath. It didn’t look horrible but didn’t look flawless by any means either. But honestly that happens time to time with my favorite moisturizer (Clinique moisture surge instse). However my skin did look somewhat clear which is what I like. And I feel like it did reduce the size of my acne on my face. UNDERNEATH MAKEUP: I did really like how my foundation went on. It was a tiny bit harder to blend but nothing to bent out of shape about. However one thing I did not like is it oxidized right away more quickly than normal. It made my foundation more dewy which is fine but I still need to set it with a powder. It looked still dry but it weekend so haven’t exfoliated my face so that’s why! (Set on a routine) I will try this one more time to see if my option changes. So overall I do like this product but I am still really unsure! I will keep trying it and update you guys in Cooke days so stay tuned!

UPDATE: I love this product! It’s very moisturizing which i love because although I have oily skin I get very dry on myskin also. I think I was just using too much product in so I looked like a grease ball but doesn’t make super oily like other products do. Tried it underneath my favorite and it was super nice and also feel like it applied just as easy! Also it didn’t oxidize like last which is really weird! It definitely makes my face my makeup more dewy if I set it with Cody airspun powder doesn’t make me overly dewy! Overall very happy I picked this up and excited to me if it’s a miracle product for my skin. Also linked it from multiple sites depending the size and where you wanna shop!Let me know your beauty staples and see you guys soon!

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