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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Hey guys today I’m back with a brand post. I thought I’d put together some outfit inspiration for thanksgiving coming up. I never know what to wear to holidays! I never dress fancy fancy so all these are more the casual side which is what I’m more comfortable and prefer. This year I’m doing things a little different and going to my aunts house for thanksgiving. I try to dress up for thanksgiving but it’s honestly depends on what I’m feeling and where I am going. I created 5 outfit ideas for you guys to have inspiration. These are all affordable pieces which makes it even better! I tried to do semi dress up (for me personally) and I did one super causally outfit!

O U T F I T # 1

Today I got this floral shirt from Target! I got it on clearance for $9.98 which I personally think it’s a steal! This top is a little summery hence clearance but I think you can wear florals all year round. And just paired it with some cute fall booties! It definitely more cropped but doesn’t show any skin which is personally is my perfence. I wore them with high waisted jeans because that’s all I wear but you could wear them low or even mid rise jeans! You can definitely wear these with different bottoms or even leggings! I personally believe that leggings go with any top. These high waisted jeans are actually a pair jeggings and are so comfy! Last but not least these booties are from target that I got last year! I have seen these on poshmark so if want them check there.

O U T F I T # 2
This look is cozy and causal! I got this choker tee from target in summer I think! It’s this pretty rusty rustic color orange color! Honestly its one of my favorite colors and my description does not even do the color justice! Shows a little bit more so I definitely want to always put something over it and unless it’s summer time! I got this cardigan a few years ago at Maurices. It’s just an oatmeal collr cable knit cardigan. I paired it with black leggings which you can find at literally every store. And the shoes are from Ross!

O U T F I T # 3

Dress outfits are literally so easy to put together. I picked up this dress from target again on clearance! I got this dress for a whopping $7.48! I saw this dress months ago and I thought it was really cute but wouldn’t bite the bullet. I’m not a dress person at all. I feel really awkward in them and I think they can not being flattering at sometimes! I picked this up because it was such a good deal! I didn’t even try it on and im usually the same size every time and target has a great return policy if it didn’t fit! I look at the material for dresses also so if I want To tuck them into jeans I can make them a shirt if I want! Really tip to get a wear out off a piece! I also paired them with these westernish brown booties from target. I also paired them with nude heels which also look really cute but more of a summer look!

O U T F I T # 4

This is top is the same one as my floral but black version! I really like this top is cute and really flattering! Definitely more fall friendly but I would wear this all year long. I think it would really cute with some light waisted short but anywho I got it on clearance. I just picked target clearance pieces today as I’m writing this bling post so you might be Able to find them at your store! Jeans are target also! Booties are a recent find on poshmark and I have a whole post decided to them and few other things! But they are target but being restock and sold out.

O U T F I T # 5

This outfit is super causal! Honestly this is great out of you are not feeling so great or just going to your moms house or something! I got this shirt at torrid a few years ago! Beverly Hills 90210 is one of my all time favorite shows! I’ve watched so many times! Honestly one of the good shows from childhood that are actually good as an adult today! It reads “The 90’s are hotter”. It’s oversized so feels cozy! Just paired it with a pair of a black leggings. These flats are just from Ross and this coat is from target! (Last season but I bought mine off poshmark!) Hope this gives a little inspiration for thanksgiving and let me know what you guys will be wearing! Also ps I know most of these pieces are from target! I live in smaller town so I don’t really have a lot of options! But I love shopping there because it’s the closest cutest clothes near me and the are affordable!

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