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Monday, October 9, 2017


Hey today I thought I’d do a little bit of a product review. So I just created a beauty board on my Pinterest so I looking up some affordable skin care products. I know people who swear by these products at Sephora but to be honest I don’t really want to spend that kinda of money. I know it’s silly but I know not everyone can afford/willing to spend that kinda of money so there has to be some good affordable products!
                  I went to target today to buy by Pacifica sea foam face wash (SO GOOD!). I Had remember these masks were on the best affordable masks so picked them up. I got two different mask but they were the same brand and only (2.99). So I’ve been breaking out so I’m looking for my  miracle product. It tells you put a thin layer which is weird because if it’s too thin you are basically rubbing it in. It’s has like clay brown grey color to it. When you put on your face it has this cooling feeling and begins to dry. Definitely dries completely by the time it’s time to wash it off and it tightens your face. I washed it off and no pores at all! I was completely shocked. I feel like it did help with my redness and overall skin appearance. I feel like I’m going to really like this one. And at a $2.99 pricing it’s a steal I think.

UPDATE: morning after: I didn’t noticed huge of difference with clearing up my skin but I’m having a really bad skin week with breaking out! I did really like this product and can’t wait to use it again.

I also used the glowing mask which happened to be a peel off mask. To be honestly I hated this mask. It was awful to apply and hard to not blend and put an even amount. It says to keep on for 10-15 which within 6 mins i had touched my face at one spot and it immediately started to peel up and itch. To peel it off was a weird experience and it’s hard to make sure you get everything off. If you think it’s all off check again. Also it gets all in your hair which was annoying and it dried to my hair. After the mask my skin didn’t look any different and was not glowing or brighten at all. I would not try this mask again. Also I forgot that I had to use a bunch of the product!

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