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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Hey guys! Lately I’ve been seeing a bunch of target clothing and lusting over it. But it’s last season stuff that I missed out on! So occasionally I was trying to look online to see if they brought it back but I had no luck. I started hunting on poshmark for different pieces. Once I get something in my mind There is nothing going to stop me! I get really specific on my searches and put in color, brand, size, and etc and it really helps to find the actual piece you want! Poshmark it’s really nice because you can find stuff usually cheaper and it’s priority shipping. You just have to willing to buy used but you can find some brand new stuff (with tags) you get have to search for it.  It’s weird because I have a hard time buy used clothing from goodwill but don’t mind used from poshmark. Everything I picked is not available anywhere but you can try to find them on poshmark.

I found these black mossimo boots above for just $25. You could tell they were brand new! I usually size up for boots just because I have a wider foot. I got these luckily in 8.5. They are snug but not too small barely which I wouldn’t wear socks with them because of the slits on the side. I’m not really a heel person which I step out of my comfort zone but I will update how these are to walk in.

These  olive westernish boots are to die for. These are the brand Merona once agin from target and found for $17. The seller had awful lighting in her picture so it made them look dirtier and more  worn but I was so surprised when they came. These have not been worn much and in perfect condition. Probably my favorite boots ever and I’ve only had them for a day ( so so so obsessed). These are smallish which I bought a size 8. Normally I upsize but I wanted these so bad I got my normal size. If I wear no sock they are fine  but I’ll let you know with a thin pair.

Last but not least I got this jacket on poshmark. I saw this girl on Instagram had this coat and I needed it. I got this for $25 and brand new with tags! The jacket is like an oatmeal color! It’s very warm and nice to just throw on to be cozy. I actually wore this to the pumpkin patch last Sunday and it was nice because when it got a little cooler I could bundle!  It’s kind of a long story but I fell down and this jacket did not get dirty which I was so surprised because it’s such a light color. Good thing to know since usually get dirty all the time. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you had luck on poshmark. Currently found one thing from target last season which I found for $15 but I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need it. Also I forgot to mention one downside you can’t try them on or return if it doesn’t fit which I know it is a bummer but I normally just take the risk and buy “safe” purchases. Safe purchases to me are shoes or jacket because  you can always go a little bigger. Also a tip if it’s available online somewhere read the reviews because people normally tell you how it runs!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Hey I’m back with a very exciting post for me. I saw this fur rug for a decent price from hobby lobby and they just opened up a store near me. But before I went on the website and saw it but to be honest I hate paying for shipping especially if I’m getting something for a good deal! When I was on the website I had saw this rustic deer skull with flowers art print and I was in love. But then again I told myself I didn’t need it. Today I went into hobby lobby to get the fur rug I was in awe of everything. I was trying so hard not to buy everything. It’s definitely my new happy place. I was trying to go quick and I spotted and the deer skull painting and I needed it in my life. It was a little bit pricier than I would be willing to spend but I knew I wasn’t leaving to the store without. Also larger than most of prints I see! As soon I got into the car and I decided to put it above my bed. I had bought this piece and don’t know where I was going to hang it (usually a bad idea for me). The wall where my bed was on had nothing on it and had no headboard. It was a complete bare wall and I did really like that it was so simple!
   So I got home and started looking for the hammer and nails immediately. I was so excited to put up my art print. And as soon I did, it changed my whole room. It made look so much better and make it a focal piece. I was totally fine with it being blank but now I’m so glad I bought it and put it right there. It differently bigger piece than any of my other artwork and I think the size works perfectly with my queen bed.  Also I’m very happy I didn’t buy something else to put there because I put something that I actually really love and I’m not going to change it ever. I’m also very excited to go back change out some of my other stuff that I feel I out grew or doesn’t go with my room. I put my fur rug in my getting ready area and looks so cute and is the perfect size! Very exited to get some cacti pieces because we all I know obsessed! It’s so nice to be able to pick up a couple things you can change around a whole room. You can also recycle some of the pieces you already have (budget friendly). Also make you sure always look at hobby lobby’s sales so you don’t have to pay full piece. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!  And I will be linking everything down below for you cause I know it’s on the website :)

Also there was very cute cowhide rug that’s wanted to get so bad! Also I forget to mention that I got the rug for 50% off so I paid 11.99!
Monday, October 9, 2017


Hey today I thought I’d do a little bit of a product review. So I just created a beauty board on my Pinterest so I looking up some affordable skin care products. I know people who swear by these products at Sephora but to be honest I don’t really want to spend that kinda of money. I know it’s silly but I know not everyone can afford/willing to spend that kinda of money so there has to be some good affordable products!
                  I went to target today to buy by Pacifica sea foam face wash (SO GOOD!). I Had remember these masks were on the best affordable masks so picked them up. I got two different mask but they were the same brand and only (2.99). So I’ve been breaking out so I’m looking for my  miracle product. It tells you put a thin layer which is weird because if it’s too thin you are basically rubbing it in. It’s has like clay brown grey color to it. When you put on your face it has this cooling feeling and begins to dry. Definitely dries completely by the time it’s time to wash it off and it tightens your face. I washed it off and no pores at all! I was completely shocked. I feel like it did help with my redness and overall skin appearance. I feel like I’m going to really like this one. And at a $2.99 pricing it’s a steal I think.

UPDATE: morning after: I didn’t noticed huge of difference with clearing up my skin but I’m having a really bad skin week with breaking out! I did really like this product and can’t wait to use it again.

I also used the glowing mask which happened to be a peel off mask. To be honestly I hated this mask. It was awful to apply and hard to not blend and put an even amount. It says to keep on for 10-15 which within 6 mins i had touched my face at one spot and it immediately started to peel up and itch. To peel it off was a weird experience and it’s hard to make sure you get everything off. If you think it’s all off check again. Also it gets all in your hair which was annoying and it dried to my hair. After the mask my skin didn’t look any different and was not glowing or brighten at all. I would not try this mask again. Also I forgot that I had to use a bunch of the product!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Hey guys I’m back with a favorites post!

 I honestly haven’t had that many favorites this month. I have no music and fashion favorites either. Jut been in my own little world using the same products. Recently  I picked up the Smashbox studio light foundation! The shade I picked up is a little dark and it does oxide but not much! I hated this foundation at first but now I can’t stop using it! It’s my favorite but I do not agree that it looks the same in different lighting at all. I also picked up this new brow product from L’OrĂ©al (picked it up because of Allie Sevdalis). The color is a tad black on my eyebrows but could be worse! Been really enjoying it. The coty airpsun powder is oldie but a goodie. I used this when I first started wearing makeup. I really love that it keeps my face matte and my concealer set all day. And last but not least I been loving the nars orgasm blush (also an oldie but a goodie). It’s so pretty and you can make look really natural or build it up. It also looks very glowy and pretty.

Also my favorite tv shows are back! (I love this fall for this specific reason and also football)
Grey’s Anatomy is my all time favorite shows and I highly recommend you watch it :)

Thanks for coming and just wait for the post coming next