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Monday, September 25, 2017


Happy Monday everyday!
I thought it would be fun and exciting to do a type of vlog style blog post.  So basically in this blogpost I will be writing what I’m doing, wearing, eating and etc! So today I woke up at like 8 o’clock and was so exhausted. My grandma actually woke me up and was asking why I was still in bed.  9 usually work at 6 AM so waking up at 8 AM was really late for me.  I recently got into a car accident I think that’s like throwing off my entire schedule I don’t know but anyways it was just a thought.  So I woke up and I did a little bit of Pinterest, tumblr,  and I listened to a lot of music. If you know me I have an addiction (a really bad one) to Grey’s Anatomy my all-time favorite show.  So I been watching little clips it my favorite parts of the series on YouTube and there’s this one video that someone added a background song to it so I bought it last night on I tunes and I’ve been listening to it nonstop. The song is called So cold by Ben Cocks. I’ve been listening to my playlist to for a couple weeks now which includes you don’t do it for me anymore by Demi Lovato and all filled up by Jessie James Decker which fun fact I listen to all filled up for like two years on YouTube live version because I was so obsessed with that song and still so obsessed. But anyways after I listen to music I went and had my morning breakfast which I made a bagel and cream cheese which was really yummy and I like to burn my bagel and it is so good. Then I decided to straighten my hair and get ready put a ton of dry shampoo in my hair because it’s the weekend and then I started taking pictures and doing outfits for future blog post to look out for those.  And I felt like incorporating Some old products that I have in my “back up storage.” It’s a really nice simple pretty looked which I will probably do an update tutorial or get ready with me is kind of post with all the products that are usually use. I think will be a fun new idea and something all different then just outfits and yada yada.   Then I put on some black jeans and a ripped white T-shirt from target that I got on clearance and I put some neutral flats.  Usually if I don’t have to go anywhere I’m in short shorts and a T-shirt which is usually like a sports T shirt. So I went to Walmart just to get some more groceries for the week in Grey’s Anatomy’s coming back on this Thursday so I got a little bit of  junk food.  Which I try not to buy just some special kind of occasions. But anyways I saw the sugar cookies by Pillsberry like that Halloween ones so I got those I made some and I honestly didn’t think they were that good chocolate chip cookie is so much better. And then last week I bought Halloweentown and so I put that in I didn’t finish it just because I had my mind on a bunch of stuff and it’s not early October yet. (So I’ll watch it again)  And then I had dinner which I had fried rice with chicken and it was really good. Years ago I watch secret life and I stopped at like the third or fourth season and so I’m re-watching it because my sister talked about it and so I watch an episode and then I went to shower. Which while I was at the store I bought this cozy robe and it was only $20 and I did upsize just because I’ve had stuff shrink but it’s really nice.  After I had a shower and did my nightly routine which I just put on  micellar water and toner and I tried out a new moisturizer and I’m already really liking It. I will be doing a get on the unready with me or something to that effect soon I promise. Now I’m watching fresh Prince of Bel Air and Friends (while editing). I’m just waiting for the show the good doctor which actually premieres tonight it looks like something up my alley. But I didn’t realize it premieres till 10 so probably stay up for that maybe!  So I hope you guys enjoyed this post today and will be trying to do these on my days off! I can do them when I’m working but I just don’t feel like that’s a point because I’m gone for like nine hours of my day but just let me know what you guys want. So once again I hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll see you guys soon.

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