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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Sorry for the delay post on this one. I've been loving some certain products/ song/ tv/ etc. and I've wanted to show they with you.

F A S H I O N:

Backpack- this a dupe for the Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack. I found this backpack at Aeropostale which I haven't been in that store in years (probably 6 years) but some of my family was shopping and went in. It was originally $50 (tbh wouldn't probably of bought it) but it was on sale for $20 and scooped it up! I was going on a long travel day so I changed into it. Honestly it was really awkward at first. It felt a little weird and like an endless pit of things which I didn't like. But put a pouch in it for my little things like I did last fall with my bigger purse and I liked it better but still wasn't perfect because the material was too hard to slide in and out. But I remember I had my travel bag and used that instead and I love it. I keep little things in there like powder, brush, tide to go, and feminine products. It makes it so much better! Been really loving but I so glad I didn't drop $300 on the black one but I'm thinking about the suede version ;)

Bralette- I recently picked up some random bralettes from target when I was on my usual run. These are so nice they remind me something at free people and they are only around $15! Which personally think is a steal! They have lace ones and regular stretchy material ones which I also love too.

 Adidas Slides: omg I love these shoes! Definitely my go to throw on shoes! And so comfy! I got mine on sale last year but totally worth the full price. They run a little big so make sure you down size.

B E A U T Y:
Revlon Whipped foundation- omg I love this foundation. It's only like $10/12 but it's so good. I love it when I have oily skin and dry skin. When I went to Cabo I really wished I had brought this skin because my skin was so incredibly dry and the foundation I brought made it look awful. It has natural healthy dewy finish. The only thing is my natural shade does oxide so it looks so dark by the end of my day. But love it.

Elf Eyeliner- I bought because Casey Holmes used it in a makeup video said she loved. It's super black and matte which is what I like And super affordable. (Only $3 bucks)

Lip combo- I always mix products! Like I can never use just one primer or lipstick! I pefer more of matte finish in my lip roducts but not really a big fan of liquid lipstick (always look super weird and thick on my lips!) I've been putting Biege Babe by maybeline (matte) and nude list (there regular formula) in the center and it's the best combo on me! Not too pink nor too peach.

L'OrĂ©al Eyeshadow in Brass Knuckles-  I normally never do eyeshadow.  I like my make up to look  more natural as if make up can look natural so I don't wear any eyeshadow. But I was watching Allie Sedavlis  birthday make up video . And she used this eyeshadow and she might even like it more than her urban decay chase eyeshadow.  On a whim I picked it up during my usual Walmart Grocery shopping run and let me tell you I'm obsessed! I'm in love. I did my makeup everyday after work so I could wear it!

Too Faced Sweetheart bronzer-  Ive had this bronzer for months.  I keep on putting it in my giveaway pile for make up and kept on taking it out.  Finally I told myself I was going to use it and I just forced myself.  I really been enjoying. It's a little bit darker so it makes you look super bronze. This is the only bronzer been using for a few months!

 E N T E R A I N M E N T

DIVERGENT:  I downloaded on Netflix because they had it on the Mexican nextflix (jealous, so much better than the us). Watched it on the flight back and was hooked! I watched it for like two weeks  straight (kinda embarrassing I know) now I'm finally ready to read the books!

tv shoes:
Younger: Recently caught up on this show and been really looking forward to it every week!
 Impractical Jokers: this show is hilarious. My sister got me into this show and so thankful. Sal is my favorite!

Blonde- Kip Moore
Human Diary- Danielle Bradbery
Back At One- Mark Willis
Remind Me- Brad Paisley ft carried Underwood (one of all time favorite songs)
Love On The Brain- Jessie James Decker
Blue Ain't Your Color- Jessie James Decker

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