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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Hey guys today I’m back with a get ready with me post! I work early in the morning so a lot of the time I don’t wear make up but if I have time I usually try to get ready.  So when I first got a job I was buying makeup just to buy it. I’ve given away majority of my collection just because I didn’t like it or I wasn’t using it. I trying not to have a bunch of crap because it drives me up a wall. Especially in the beginning I didn’t know I was supposed to like or how I knew a product is good or not.  YouTube was amazing experience for me if someone needs help! I learned how to my makeup from watching tutorials. I also have gotten amazing recommendations by YouTubers! So a few days ago I went into my makeup storage that has my overflow products in it! I wanted to grab a few products that I’ve used in the past for some fall makeup!  I personally like more of a natural make up and I know make up does not look natural but more simple and subtle. So let’s get started!

So first I put on my moisturizer. I picked this Gariner moisture rescue for Oily skin and I’ve only used it twice but I already really like it! It has a gel consistency. Next I put on my primers which are the Smashbox primer water and the Maybelline master prime blur version (only 7.40). Then it’s foundation time I’ve been using the smashbox studio skin foundation! (Does oxidize on me but that bad;  when I re-purchase I’ll go up a shade and it will be fine) Been really enjoying it and I prefer it with my sigma F40 brush. Today I did my eyebrow before my eyeshadow. Honestly I can always switch it up but I always do my eyebrows before I set my face. I used the L’Oréal brow definer and and there tinted brow gel.  So after I did that I put on my eyeshadow which is the same eyeshadow that was in my favorites (L’Oréal in Brass Knuckles) and I just use my eyeliner which was also in my favorite (Elf pen liner which is only $3.00) I put on concealer which I used the maybelline age rewind (love this and also I have like five different shades). I set my face with the Cody air spun powder I haven’t use this in a hot minute But I really enjoyed using it and I love the fact that it keeps me a matte  all day.  I used physicians formula bronzer (I used the bronzer color) and nyx ombré blush in Mauve me.  This is a great fall blush and especially because you can mix the shades so you basically get three bushes for the price of one!  And I used a little bit of the Melani highlighter in the second shade (Daylight I believe) for my highlight. Then put on a little mascara which was maybelline lash sentional. Today I sent my face with the Pixi Glowing setting spray!  I honestly just grab one whatever I’m feeling sometimes I honestly forget. So this is everything I used when I got ready.  And I posted the finished product if anyone wants to see it! Hope you guys enjoyed and  if you have any amazing products that you want to recommend this give me a comet double up thank you.

 These photos were taken after work just because I didn’t have time in the morning but this look usually lasts on me all day.  The lighting made my foundation look way off in the picture!  Don’t worry in real life it matches my neck.

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