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Monday, September 4, 2017


I went to my cousin's wedding which was on a beach so it was every laid back. I honestly didn't know what to wear. I wanted to wear shorts and everything but didn't think it was dressed up enough for a wedding which it would of been fine but I decided to wear a dress! I got this dress from old navy back in may I believe. I really like its really cute and in a fun color (been loving yellow lately!). I feel like all old navy clothes run really big. I usually down size and this dress was really long but since I washed it it's shorter which is what I prefer. I love this dress because this material is thin enough to just stuff in to jeans or shorts or what not and makes a perfect shirt! By the way I have done that and wore it to dinner and it was really cute outfit! I love this piece because it's so versatile so I feel like I have a dress and shirt! I also wore a lace triangle bralette which was showing through the neck and was really cute! Hope you guys enjoyed this! Let know what your guys would wear to a laid back beach wedding :)

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