Love List

Friday, August 11, 2017


Hello guys long time no see! I recently to Cabo San Lucas and it was really fun. I packed some outfits and things that I thought I would wear but never did (typical). I wanted to share some of my outfits with you. I wore shorts everyday because it was extremely hot like 100 degrees which thankfully I ordered some shorts right before my trip and thankfully they got here early. (thanks again American eagle) I tried to not over pack this trip which I was pretty Good at so pretty proud of myself. I decided to make my outfits first and then pack. Its was a good idea but our trip didn't really turn out like planned. I planned three outfits a day which sounds so extra but hear me out one for day, one for the pool, and one to go out. We only went out two times, and to be honest I rewore tops and bottoms  for most of the trip.  Honestly the only thing I regret not bringing is a bunch a t shirts. But next time I'll know what to bring. The outfits I wore were really simple and easy and I tried to not cover up so much because it was so freaking hot I wanted the least amount of clothing lol. And they cacti everywhere it was like a dream. Well hopefully this post and I'll see you agin sometime soon.

Ps if you ever go to Mexico check out there Netflix section it's so much butter than ours. Downloaded some movies for flight black home