Love List

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Hey guys! I feel like kimono's have been around for years but I never knew about them. I have had the same clothes for years and recently I started buying cute new clothes. Jeans, dresses, and etc just because I wanted something a little different than wearing a sports tee and some leggings (wore that for years). but anyways I love layering I picked up this kimono from target really liked it but I never knew how much I would wear it but I absolutely love it and wear it a  lot more than I thought. It was $27.99 I believe which it is a little steep but I bought it when target had a buy one get 50% off so thought it was perfect time. The print kind of reminds me of a Nantucket print (omg obsessed with Nantucket and the cape). I definitely downsized and still a little bit big but its totally fine. I will be linking some kimono's down below. Hope you guys enjoy and go find some kimono yourself.

PS my kimono is linked in my love it section.