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Thursday, December 7, 2017


Hey guys! I know this post is a little delayed but my order from old navy finally came today! Honestly I’m not a Black Friday shopping person and I personally never feel like the sales are worth it! I had went to target which was really disappointed in there sales! But they had if spend $50 you get a 20% off coupon! So I had a couple things to equal $50 so I could purchase the full priced stuff that I wanted originally! I had picked up this sweatshirt from target for $15! Best purchase ever and I’ve been wearing it not non stop! Also got this pajamas set for $12! I picked this one because it wasn’t christmasy. I always think that all the Christmas apparel is really tacky.. oops! Stripes are a staple for me and I would ever wear this top with leggings and a jacket for cute outfit! The blanket was a steal of a deal! Only $18! I have white bedding so this is nice because I don’t really have worry about staining my bedding. Also makes me feel so cozy and warm! I chose the king size because they were all the same price. I had picked this Johnny Cash graphic t in the men’s section! They were only $8 and a few days later I went back and picked up a Metallica one! I love men’s shirt so much more than girls and the fit is better and crozier!

My other Black Friday purchases came from old navy! I have known for a while that I moving to somewhere that has cold winters! I have been trying to find good, cute, and warm coats but I want them to be affordable! Old navy was having 50% off and I have their credit card so I had $15 in rewards to use so I got both jackets under $25 each! I had picked up this deep green pea coat and Sherpa leather jacket! So excited to wear and style these!

Monday, December 4, 2017


Hello guys! I thought I would just pop on here real quick and post a guide for you guys! I tried to chose practical things that someone would use or wouldn’t spend the money on themselves. I’m really awful at picking out gifts but these are all universal. I know people think that gift cards are impersonal but I think they are perfect. A few years ago I got my mom and sister gifts card to ulta because they wouldn’t normally treat themselves. I tried to keep a lot of the things on a bugdet! Everything is under $175 but mostly everything is under $100. So if you recommend a thing else leave me a comment down below.


Hey guys! I’ve recently searching everywhere to find Egyptian magic. I watch Allie Sevdalis and she swears by this product so I wanted to put it to the test. She said you can find a mini size for $5 at Walmart. So everytime I went on a Walmart run I searched for it but never had any luck. I finally it found at Walmart but it was $14.95 which is what I wanted to spend but I down to try anything that will dramatically help my skin. I went up to the cash register and rang up for $24 but did give me the $14.96 price. I did my normal skincare routine but substituted this for my moisturizer. It honestly reminds of Vaseline a little bit when applying to the face. The best way I can describe it is like a hard putty if that makes sense! (Like soft candle wax) It’s hard to get product because it’s a solid but melts by the warmth of your fingers. I did put a little to much after it warmed up to my skin but just rubbed into my skin which I usually have to do with more “oily” products because I do have oily skin and rubbing it in makes me look a little less like a grease ball. So far I don’t dislike but don’t love it yet. I will also try underneath makeup and see how that works for me. I have dry texture skin also which gets worse in the winter so I hoping this helps! MORNING AFTER: I have rosacea so a lot of the time I wake up with my face really red. Also the red makes looks 10x worse than normal but it’s something I can’t really control. When I woke up this morning my face didn’t awful but you could tell that my face was red so it didn’t look the best. The redness just accentuates my pimples or my acne scaring underneath. It didn’t look horrible but didn’t look flawless by any means either. But honestly that happens time to time with my favorite moisturizer (Clinique moisture surge instse). However my skin did look somewhat clear which is what I like. And I feel like it did reduce the size of my acne on my face. UNDERNEATH MAKEUP: I did really like how my foundation went on. It was a tiny bit harder to blend but nothing to bent out of shape about. However one thing I did not like is it oxidized right away more quickly than normal. It made my foundation more dewy which is fine but I still need to set it with a powder. It looked still dry but it weekend so haven’t exfoliated my face so that’s why! (Set on a routine) I will try this one more time to see if my option changes. So overall I do like this product but I am still really unsure! I will keep trying it and update you guys in Cooke days so stay tuned!

UPDATE: I love this product! It’s very moisturizing which i love because although I have oily skin I get very dry on myskin also. I think I was just using too much product in so I looked like a grease ball but doesn’t make super oily like other products do. Tried it underneath my favorite and it was super nice and also feel like it applied just as easy! Also it didn’t oxidize like last which is really weird! It definitely makes my face my makeup more dewy if I set it with Cody airspun powder doesn’t make me overly dewy! Overall very happy I picked this up and excited to me if it’s a miracle product for my skin. Also linked it from multiple sites depending the size and where you wanna shop!Let me know your beauty staples and see you guys soon!
Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Hey guys today I’m back with a brand post. I thought I’d put together some outfit inspiration for thanksgiving coming up. I never know what to wear to holidays! I never dress fancy fancy so all these are more the casual side which is what I’m more comfortable and prefer. This year I’m doing things a little different and going to my aunts house for thanksgiving. I try to dress up for thanksgiving but it’s honestly depends on what I’m feeling and where I am going. I created 5 outfit ideas for you guys to have inspiration. These are all affordable pieces which makes it even better! I tried to do semi dress up (for me personally) and I did one super causally outfit!

O U T F I T # 1

Today I got this floral shirt from Target! I got it on clearance for $9.98 which I personally think it’s a steal! This top is a little summery hence clearance but I think you can wear florals all year round. And just paired it with some cute fall booties! It definitely more cropped but doesn’t show any skin which is personally is my perfence. I wore them with high waisted jeans because that’s all I wear but you could wear them low or even mid rise jeans! You can definitely wear these with different bottoms or even leggings! I personally believe that leggings go with any top. These high waisted jeans are actually a pair jeggings and are so comfy! Last but not least these booties are from target that I got last year! I have seen these on poshmark so if want them check there.

O U T F I T # 2
This look is cozy and causal! I got this choker tee from target in summer I think! It’s this pretty rusty rustic color orange color! Honestly its one of my favorite colors and my description does not even do the color justice! Shows a little bit more so I definitely want to always put something over it and unless it’s summer time! I got this cardigan a few years ago at Maurices. It’s just an oatmeal collr cable knit cardigan. I paired it with black leggings which you can find at literally every store. And the shoes are from Ross!

O U T F I T # 3

Dress outfits are literally so easy to put together. I picked up this dress from target again on clearance! I got this dress for a whopping $7.48! I saw this dress months ago and I thought it was really cute but wouldn’t bite the bullet. I’m not a dress person at all. I feel really awkward in them and I think they can not being flattering at sometimes! I picked this up because it was such a good deal! I didn’t even try it on and im usually the same size every time and target has a great return policy if it didn’t fit! I look at the material for dresses also so if I want To tuck them into jeans I can make them a shirt if I want! Really tip to get a wear out off a piece! I also paired them with these westernish brown booties from target. I also paired them with nude heels which also look really cute but more of a summer look!

O U T F I T # 4

This is top is the same one as my floral but black version! I really like this top is cute and really flattering! Definitely more fall friendly but I would wear this all year long. I think it would really cute with some light waisted short but anywho I got it on clearance. I just picked target clearance pieces today as I’m writing this bling post so you might be Able to find them at your store! Jeans are target also! Booties are a recent find on poshmark and I have a whole post decided to them and few other things! But they are target but being restock and sold out.

O U T F I T # 5

This outfit is super causal! Honestly this is great out of you are not feeling so great or just going to your moms house or something! I got this shirt at torrid a few years ago! Beverly Hills 90210 is one of my all time favorite shows! I’ve watched so many times! Honestly one of the good shows from childhood that are actually good as an adult today! It reads “The 90’s are hotter”. It’s oversized so feels cozy! Just paired it with a pair of a black leggings. These flats are just from Ross and this coat is from target! (Last season but I bought mine off poshmark!) Hope this gives a little inspiration for thanksgiving and let me know what you guys will be wearing! Also ps I know most of these pieces are from target! I live in smaller town so I don’t really have a lot of options! But I love shopping there because it’s the closest cutest clothes near me and the are affordable!
Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Hey guys! I’ve always loved the Sherpa jackets. I look at them all the time. I think they are great for winter/ fall and look so cozy. I know I’m going to splurge for a true grit but for now I wanted something a little bit affordable since I’m going to moving soon (stay turned I will update you guys!) I looked at amazon and found some reasonable priced ones but had really mixed or not so great reviews! So I was at Walmart and I casually was looking at the clothes just for shits and giggles! I saw it and I thought it was so cute and they had so many colors! Bonus was they were only $10! I chose a cream color and Burgundy but I think I might go back and get black! Cream is going to with everything and I feel like Burgundy is becoming more of neutral and I can wear it with of lot of things! I’ve had them less than a week and wore them a few times! I usually don’t buy clothes from Walmart but lately I have found some good stuff and super duper cheap which is always a plus. Honestly Walmart is a good shot try out something to buy a more spendy version! Since this is an outwear piece I haven’t washed it yet and probably not for little bit! So I will update you guys! And for sizing I think they run a little small but I don’t think you need to size up. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll talk to you soon!

I know I paired each other with one type of bottom but I definitely would wear both colors with each of them!
Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Hey guys! Lately I’ve been seeing a bunch of target clothing and lusting over it. But it’s last season stuff that I missed out on! So occasionally I was trying to look online to see if they brought it back but I had no luck. I started hunting on poshmark for different pieces. Once I get something in my mind There is nothing going to stop me! I get really specific on my searches and put in color, brand, size, and etc and it really helps to find the actual piece you want! Poshmark it’s really nice because you can find stuff usually cheaper and it’s priority shipping. You just have to willing to buy used but you can find some brand new stuff (with tags) you get have to search for it.  It’s weird because I have a hard time buy used clothing from goodwill but don’t mind used from poshmark. Everything I picked is not available anywhere but you can try to find them on poshmark.

I found these black mossimo boots above for just $25. You could tell they were brand new! I usually size up for boots just because I have a wider foot. I got these luckily in 8.5. They are snug but not too small barely which I wouldn’t wear socks with them because of the slits on the side. I’m not really a heel person which I step out of my comfort zone but I will update how these are to walk in.

These  olive westernish boots are to die for. These are the brand Merona once agin from target and found for $17. The seller had awful lighting in her picture so it made them look dirtier and more  worn but I was so surprised when they came. These have not been worn much and in perfect condition. Probably my favorite boots ever and I’ve only had them for a day ( so so so obsessed). These are smallish which I bought a size 8. Normally I upsize but I wanted these so bad I got my normal size. If I wear no sock they are fine  but I’ll let you know with a thin pair.

Last but not least I got this jacket on poshmark. I saw this girl on Instagram had this coat and I needed it. I got this for $25 and brand new with tags! The jacket is like an oatmeal color! It’s very warm and nice to just throw on to be cozy. I actually wore this to the pumpkin patch last Sunday and it was nice because when it got a little cooler I could bundle!  It’s kind of a long story but I fell down and this jacket did not get dirty which I was so surprised because it’s such a light color. Good thing to know since usually get dirty all the time. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you had luck on poshmark. Currently found one thing from target last season which I found for $15 but I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need it. Also I forgot to mention one downside you can’t try them on or return if it doesn’t fit which I know it is a bummer but I normally just take the risk and buy “safe” purchases. Safe purchases to me are shoes or jacket because  you can always go a little bigger. Also a tip if it’s available online somewhere read the reviews because people normally tell you how it runs!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Hey I’m back with a very exciting post for me. I saw this fur rug for a decent price from hobby lobby and they just opened up a store near me. But before I went on the website and saw it but to be honest I hate paying for shipping especially if I’m getting something for a good deal! When I was on the website I had saw this rustic deer skull with flowers art print and I was in love. But then again I told myself I didn’t need it. Today I went into hobby lobby to get the fur rug I was in awe of everything. I was trying so hard not to buy everything. It’s definitely my new happy place. I was trying to go quick and I spotted and the deer skull painting and I needed it in my life. It was a little bit pricier than I would be willing to spend but I knew I wasn’t leaving to the store without. Also larger than most of prints I see! As soon I got into the car and I decided to put it above my bed. I had bought this piece and don’t know where I was going to hang it (usually a bad idea for me). The wall where my bed was on had nothing on it and had no headboard. It was a complete bare wall and I did really like that it was so simple!
   So I got home and started looking for the hammer and nails immediately. I was so excited to put up my art print. And as soon I did, it changed my whole room. It made look so much better and make it a focal piece. I was totally fine with it being blank but now I’m so glad I bought it and put it right there. It differently bigger piece than any of my other artwork and I think the size works perfectly with my queen bed.  Also I’m very happy I didn’t buy something else to put there because I put something that I actually really love and I’m not going to change it ever. I’m also very excited to go back change out some of my other stuff that I feel I out grew or doesn’t go with my room. I put my fur rug in my getting ready area and looks so cute and is the perfect size! Very exited to get some cacti pieces because we all I know obsessed! It’s so nice to be able to pick up a couple things you can change around a whole room. You can also recycle some of the pieces you already have (budget friendly). Also make you sure always look at hobby lobby’s sales so you don’t have to pay full piece. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!  And I will be linking everything down below for you cause I know it’s on the website :)

Also there was very cute cowhide rug that’s wanted to get so bad! Also I forget to mention that I got the rug for 50% off so I paid 11.99!
Monday, October 9, 2017


Hey today I thought I’d do a little bit of a product review. So I just created a beauty board on my Pinterest so I looking up some affordable skin care products. I know people who swear by these products at Sephora but to be honest I don’t really want to spend that kinda of money. I know it’s silly but I know not everyone can afford/willing to spend that kinda of money so there has to be some good affordable products!
                  I went to target today to buy by Pacifica sea foam face wash (SO GOOD!). I Had remember these masks were on the best affordable masks so picked them up. I got two different mask but they were the same brand and only (2.99). So I’ve been breaking out so I’m looking for my  miracle product. It tells you put a thin layer which is weird because if it’s too thin you are basically rubbing it in. It’s has like clay brown grey color to it. When you put on your face it has this cooling feeling and begins to dry. Definitely dries completely by the time it’s time to wash it off and it tightens your face. I washed it off and no pores at all! I was completely shocked. I feel like it did help with my redness and overall skin appearance. I feel like I’m going to really like this one. And at a $2.99 pricing it’s a steal I think.

UPDATE: morning after: I didn’t noticed huge of difference with clearing up my skin but I’m having a really bad skin week with breaking out! I did really like this product and can’t wait to use it again.

I also used the glowing mask which happened to be a peel off mask. To be honestly I hated this mask. It was awful to apply and hard to not blend and put an even amount. It says to keep on for 10-15 which within 6 mins i had touched my face at one spot and it immediately started to peel up and itch. To peel it off was a weird experience and it’s hard to make sure you get everything off. If you think it’s all off check again. Also it gets all in your hair which was annoying and it dried to my hair. After the mask my skin didn’t look any different and was not glowing or brighten at all. I would not try this mask again. Also I forgot that I had to use a bunch of the product!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Hey guys I’m back with a favorites post!

 I honestly haven’t had that many favorites this month. I have no music and fashion favorites either. Jut been in my own little world using the same products. Recently  I picked up the Smashbox studio light foundation! The shade I picked up is a little dark and it does oxide but not much! I hated this foundation at first but now I can’t stop using it! It’s my favorite but I do not agree that it looks the same in different lighting at all. I also picked up this new brow product from L’Oréal (picked it up because of Allie Sevdalis). The color is a tad black on my eyebrows but could be worse! Been really enjoying it. The coty airpsun powder is oldie but a goodie. I used this when I first started wearing makeup. I really love that it keeps my face matte and my concealer set all day. And last but not least I been loving the nars orgasm blush (also an oldie but a goodie). It’s so pretty and you can make look really natural or build it up. It also looks very glowy and pretty.

Also my favorite tv shows are back! (I love this fall for this specific reason and also football)
Grey’s Anatomy is my all time favorite shows and I highly recommend you watch it :)

Thanks for coming and just wait for the post coming next
Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Hey guys today I’m back with a get ready with me post! I work early in the morning so a lot of the time I don’t wear make up but if I have time I usually try to get ready.  So when I first got a job I was buying makeup just to buy it. I’ve given away majority of my collection just because I didn’t like it or I wasn’t using it. I trying not to have a bunch of crap because it drives me up a wall. Especially in the beginning I didn’t know I was supposed to like or how I knew a product is good or not.  YouTube was amazing experience for me if someone needs help! I learned how to my makeup from watching tutorials. I also have gotten amazing recommendations by YouTubers! So a few days ago I went into my makeup storage that has my overflow products in it! I wanted to grab a few products that I’ve used in the past for some fall makeup!  I personally like more of a natural make up and I know make up does not look natural but more simple and subtle. So let’s get started!

So first I put on my moisturizer. I picked this Gariner moisture rescue for Oily skin and I’ve only used it twice but I already really like it! It has a gel consistency. Next I put on my primers which are the Smashbox primer water and the Maybelline master prime blur version (only 7.40). Then it’s foundation time I’ve been using the smashbox studio skin foundation! (Does oxidize on me but that bad;  when I re-purchase I’ll go up a shade and it will be fine) Been really enjoying it and I prefer it with my sigma F40 brush. Today I did my eyebrow before my eyeshadow. Honestly I can always switch it up but I always do my eyebrows before I set my face. I used the L’Oréal brow definer and and there tinted brow gel.  So after I did that I put on my eyeshadow which is the same eyeshadow that was in my favorites (L’Oréal in Brass Knuckles) and I just use my eyeliner which was also in my favorite (Elf pen liner which is only $3.00) I put on concealer which I used the maybelline age rewind (love this and also I have like five different shades). I set my face with the Cody air spun powder I haven’t use this in a hot minute But I really enjoyed using it and I love the fact that it keeps me a matte  all day.  I used physicians formula bronzer (I used the bronzer color) and nyx ombré blush in Mauve me.  This is a great fall blush and especially because you can mix the shades so you basically get three bushes for the price of one!  And I used a little bit of the Melani highlighter in the second shade (Daylight I believe) for my highlight. Then put on a little mascara which was maybelline lash sentional. Today I sent my face with the Pixi Glowing setting spray!  I honestly just grab one whatever I’m feeling sometimes I honestly forget. So this is everything I used when I got ready.  And I posted the finished product if anyone wants to see it! Hope you guys enjoyed and  if you have any amazing products that you want to recommend this give me a comet double up thank you.

 These photos were taken after work just because I didn’t have time in the morning but this look usually lasts on me all day.  The lighting made my foundation look way off in the picture!  Don’t worry in real life it matches my neck.

Monday, September 25, 2017


Happy Monday everyday!
I thought it would be fun and exciting to do a type of vlog style blog post.  So basically in this blogpost I will be writing what I’m doing, wearing, eating and etc! So today I woke up at like 8 o’clock and was so exhausted. My grandma actually woke me up and was asking why I was still in bed.  9 usually work at 6 AM so waking up at 8 AM was really late for me.  I recently got into a car accident I think that’s like throwing off my entire schedule I don’t know but anyways it was just a thought.  So I woke up and I did a little bit of Pinterest, tumblr,  and I listened to a lot of music. If you know me I have an addiction (a really bad one) to Grey’s Anatomy my all-time favorite show.  So I been watching little clips it my favorite parts of the series on YouTube and there’s this one video that someone added a background song to it so I bought it last night on I tunes and I’ve been listening to it nonstop. The song is called So cold by Ben Cocks. I’ve been listening to my playlist to for a couple weeks now which includes you don’t do it for me anymore by Demi Lovato and all filled up by Jessie James Decker which fun fact I listen to all filled up for like two years on YouTube live version because I was so obsessed with that song and still so obsessed. But anyways after I listen to music I went and had my morning breakfast which I made a bagel and cream cheese which was really yummy and I like to burn my bagel and it is so good. Then I decided to straighten my hair and get ready put a ton of dry shampoo in my hair because it’s the weekend and then I started taking pictures and doing outfits for future blog post to look out for those.  And I felt like incorporating Some old products that I have in my “back up storage.” It’s a really nice simple pretty looked which I will probably do an update tutorial or get ready with me is kind of post with all the products that are usually use. I think will be a fun new idea and something all different then just outfits and yada yada.   Then I put on some black jeans and a ripped white T-shirt from target that I got on clearance and I put some neutral flats.  Usually if I don’t have to go anywhere I’m in short shorts and a T-shirt which is usually like a sports T shirt. So I went to Walmart just to get some more groceries for the week in Grey’s Anatomy’s coming back on this Thursday so I got a little bit of  junk food.  Which I try not to buy just some special kind of occasions. But anyways I saw the sugar cookies by Pillsberry like that Halloween ones so I got those I made some and I honestly didn’t think they were that good chocolate chip cookie is so much better. And then last week I bought Halloweentown and so I put that in I didn’t finish it just because I had my mind on a bunch of stuff and it’s not early October yet. (So I’ll watch it again)  And then I had dinner which I had fried rice with chicken and it was really good. Years ago I watch secret life and I stopped at like the third or fourth season and so I’m re-watching it because my sister talked about it and so I watch an episode and then I went to shower. Which while I was at the store I bought this cozy robe and it was only $20 and I did upsize just because I’ve had stuff shrink but it’s really nice.  After I had a shower and did my nightly routine which I just put on  micellar water and toner and I tried out a new moisturizer and I’m already really liking It. I will be doing a get on the unready with me or something to that effect soon I promise. Now I’m watching fresh Prince of Bel Air and Friends (while editing). I’m just waiting for the show the good doctor which actually premieres tonight it looks like something up my alley. But I didn’t realize it premieres till 10 so probably stay up for that maybe!  So I hope you guys enjoyed this post today and will be trying to do these on my days off! I can do them when I’m working but I just don’t feel like that’s a point because I’m gone for like nine hours of my day but just let me know what you guys want. So once again I hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll see you guys soon.
Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Sorry for the delay post on this one. I've been loving some certain products/ song/ tv/ etc. and I've wanted to show they with you.

F A S H I O N:

Backpack- this a dupe for the Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack. I found this backpack at Aeropostale which I haven't been in that store in years (probably 6 years) but some of my family was shopping and went in. It was originally $50 (tbh wouldn't probably of bought it) but it was on sale for $20 and scooped it up! I was going on a long travel day so I changed into it. Honestly it was really awkward at first. It felt a little weird and like an endless pit of things which I didn't like. But put a pouch in it for my little things like I did last fall with my bigger purse and I liked it better but still wasn't perfect because the material was too hard to slide in and out. But I remember I had my travel bag and used that instead and I love it. I keep little things in there like powder, brush, tide to go, and feminine products. It makes it so much better! Been really loving but I so glad I didn't drop $300 on the black one but I'm thinking about the suede version ;)

Bralette- I recently picked up some random bralettes from target when I was on my usual run. These are so nice they remind me something at free people and they are only around $15! Which personally think is a steal! They have lace ones and regular stretchy material ones which I also love too.

 Adidas Slides: omg I love these shoes! Definitely my go to throw on shoes! And so comfy! I got mine on sale last year but totally worth the full price. They run a little big so make sure you down size.

B E A U T Y:
Revlon Whipped foundation- omg I love this foundation. It's only like $10/12 but it's so good. I love it when I have oily skin and dry skin. When I went to Cabo I really wished I had brought this skin because my skin was so incredibly dry and the foundation I brought made it look awful. It has natural healthy dewy finish. The only thing is my natural shade does oxide so it looks so dark by the end of my day. But love it.

Elf Eyeliner- I bought because Casey Holmes used it in a makeup video said she loved. It's super black and matte which is what I like And super affordable. (Only $3 bucks)

Lip combo- I always mix products! Like I can never use just one primer or lipstick! I pefer more of matte finish in my lip roducts but not really a big fan of liquid lipstick (always look super weird and thick on my lips!) I've been putting Biege Babe by maybeline (matte) and nude list (there regular formula) in the center and it's the best combo on me! Not too pink nor too peach.

L'Oréal Eyeshadow in Brass Knuckles-  I normally never do eyeshadow.  I like my make up to look  more natural as if make up can look natural so I don't wear any eyeshadow. But I was watching Allie Sedavlis  birthday make up video . And she used this eyeshadow and she might even like it more than her urban decay chase eyeshadow.  On a whim I picked it up during my usual Walmart Grocery shopping run and let me tell you I'm obsessed! I'm in love. I did my makeup everyday after work so I could wear it!

Too Faced Sweetheart bronzer-  Ive had this bronzer for months.  I keep on putting it in my giveaway pile for make up and kept on taking it out.  Finally I told myself I was going to use it and I just forced myself.  I really been enjoying. It's a little bit darker so it makes you look super bronze. This is the only bronzer been using for a few months!

 E N T E R A I N M E N T

DIVERGENT:  I downloaded on Netflix because they had it on the Mexican nextflix (jealous, so much better than the us). Watched it on the flight back and was hooked! I watched it for like two weeks  straight (kinda embarrassing I know) now I'm finally ready to read the books!

tv shoes:
Younger: Recently caught up on this show and been really looking forward to it every week!
 Impractical Jokers: this show is hilarious. My sister got me into this show and so thankful. Sal is my favorite!

Blonde- Kip Moore
Human Diary- Danielle Bradbery
Back At One- Mark Willis
Remind Me- Brad Paisley ft carried Underwood (one of all time favorite songs)
Love On The Brain- Jessie James Decker
Blue Ain't Your Color- Jessie James Decker
Monday, September 11, 2017


Hey guys! I'm going to be talking about Transitioning into fall. I love putting some staple piece just seeing the different outfits I can make.  Especially since you can still wear summer pieces.  I am really trying this year to keep my outfits different but I meant outfit repeater.  Lizzie McGuire you are an outfit repeater  *read in Kate's voice*. Just me ok..... Anywho this winter and fall, I'm trying to get more cozy pieces to keep me warm but don't sweat me out.  I already know I need some winter shoes that are boots because I have plenty of those let me know if you have any recommendations.  Harvey's outfit to put on some highways to jeans from target (so cute and only $29.99),  A green cardigan from Kohl's  (was a gift), and some cut out flats from Ross which were only $12!  It's amazing that if you change one little thing like a shirt it's a whole different outfit! Thanks for coming and I'll see you guys soon.

Monday, September 4, 2017


I went to my cousin's wedding which was on a beach so it was every laid back. I honestly didn't know what to wear. I wanted to wear shorts and everything but didn't think it was dressed up enough for a wedding which it would of been fine but I decided to wear a dress! I got this dress from old navy back in may I believe. I really like its really cute and in a fun color (been loving yellow lately!). I feel like all old navy clothes run really big. I usually down size and this dress was really long but since I washed it it's shorter which is what I prefer. I love this dress because this material is thin enough to just stuff in to jeans or shorts or what not and makes a perfect shirt! By the way I have done that and wore it to dinner and it was really cute outfit! I love this piece because it's so versatile so I feel like I have a dress and shirt! I also wore a lace triangle bralette which was showing through the neck and was really cute! Hope you guys enjoyed this! Let know what your guys would wear to a laid back beach wedding :)

Friday, August 11, 2017


Hello guys long time no see! I recently to Cabo San Lucas and it was really fun. I packed some outfits and things that I thought I would wear but never did (typical). I wanted to share some of my outfits with you. I wore shorts everyday because it was extremely hot like 100 degrees which thankfully I ordered some shorts right before my trip and thankfully they got here early. (thanks again American eagle) I tried to not over pack this trip which I was pretty Good at so pretty proud of myself. I decided to make my outfits first and then pack. Its was a good idea but our trip didn't really turn out like planned. I planned three outfits a day which sounds so extra but hear me out one for day, one for the pool, and one to go out. We only went out two times, and to be honest I rewore tops and bottoms  for most of the trip.  Honestly the only thing I regret not bringing is a bunch a t shirts. But next time I'll know what to bring. The outfits I wore were really simple and easy and I tried to not cover up so much because it was so freaking hot I wanted the least amount of clothing lol. And they cacti everywhere it was like a dream. Well hopefully this post and I'll see you agin sometime soon.

Ps if you ever go to Mexico check out there Netflix section it's so much butter than ours. Downloaded some movies for flight black home

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Hey sorry it's been so long I just been writing post but haven't turned out the way I want them to! So yesterday I have to go to target because I'm going to Cabo at the end of this month and I needed to pick up a few things. But I just wanted to post my outfit of the day because this is like the perfect outfit for me.  I just wore a pair of black leggings and this comfy cozy tee from target.  I wore a pair  of target sandals that I actually got for $12 on Poshmark. (ps best sandals ever I love them)  I tried to pair a pink bag with this outfit I didn't like it so I used my  black bag from  Marc by Marc Jacobs (my bags all most all black) because once you go black you don't go back haha. Hope to see you guys back again.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Hey guys! I feel like kimono's have been around for years but I never knew about them. I have had the same clothes for years and recently I started buying cute new clothes. Jeans, dresses, and etc just because I wanted something a little different than wearing a sports tee and some leggings (wore that for years). but anyways I love layering I picked up this kimono from target really liked it but I never knew how much I would wear it but I absolutely love it and wear it a  lot more than I thought. It was $27.99 I believe which it is a little steep but I bought it when target had a buy one get 50% off so thought it was perfect time. The print kind of reminds me of a Nantucket print (omg obsessed with Nantucket and the cape). I definitely downsized and still a little bit big but its totally fine. I will be linking some kimono's down below. Hope you guys enjoy and go find some kimono yourself.

PS my kimono is linked in my love it section.